Here and there … Huawei want to be allowed to develop 5G in the USA

Recently, the news that the Chinese company Huawei was either “tightened the screws”, then, on the contrary, they gave relief, appears so often that sometimes you do not understand whether this is fresh news or just the publication was a little late and wrote the news with a delay. As a result, the company is also sitting on pins and needles, but it is already so used to it that it simply develops its direction, tries to come up with something new and actively promotes its app store. Nevertheless, the whole world is built in such a way that something is done only when someone needs it. At the moment, fifth generation networks are needed in the United States. Considering that Huawei turned out to be a real leader in this direction, it is difficult without her and she was given relief.

Here and there ... Huawei want to be allowed to develop 5G in the USA

Oh, these arguments. Work, don't work …

Why some Chinese companies are being lifted from sanctions

We have already written that the laws concerning Chinese companies in the United States are drafted in such a way that they can be interpreted in different ways. Roughly speaking, if there is a suspicion that a company is acting in the interests of the Chinese Communist Party, then its activities can be prohibited. It is interesting that the laws of the Celestial Empire are drawn up in such a way that all local companies formally work in the interests of the Party. However, there is no clear list of companies subject to restrictions. This is decided by a special committee for some reason. As a result, there are situations when this company formally breaks the rules and needs to be kicked out of the market (and also ask partners to do the same), and its division, on the contrary, helps.

Well, okay, this is a small lyrical digression, but in reality you now understand how it works, and why from time to time some companies suddenly come out of the sanctions, they are given relief, and then the restrictions are imposed again.

Will Huawei work on Android

The US Department of Commerce is preparing to agree to a new law that will allow US companies to work with Huawei to set standards for chains 5G.

This law does not mean that Huawei will be able to work with Google on Android. But this would allow other companies to work with Huawei, especially in the direction of the development of networks, that is, the very telecommunications equipment with which the company started more than 30 years ago (in 1987). This direction is still the main one for the company. A smartphone is good, but this is just the tip of the iceberg that we see. “Underwater” is work Huawei with almost all the world's largest mobile operators and Internet providers.

Here and there ... Huawei want to be allowed to develop 5G in the USA

These are not just pieces of iron. These are millions of dollars and years of development, which not everyone has.

USA cannot build a network 5G without Huawei

After the Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei almost a year ago, barring them from working with American companies, this put the United States at a disadvantage.

Huawei took a very large part in the creation and promotion of fifth generation networks in the United States. But after the scandal and the imposition of sanctions, American companies that also worked in this direction did not know what information they could share with the Chinese giant. This applies to everything from the coverage map to the frequencies of the networks that will be deployed.

Now, if the law goes through all the approvals and is adopted, companies will be able to communicate much more freely and will be able to promote equipment together, building a large network that will be beneficial to everyone, but primarily to ordinary users.

At the moment, the draft law is at the final stage of consideration. After that, it will be sent for approval to other institutions. However, it is difficult to say how long the process will ultimately take. This can take from several weeks to several months. But, based on how intensively work will be carried out in this direction, it will be possible to conclude how much Huawei American business really needs. In any case, as soon as such a law is signed, we will tell about it in our Telegram news channel and in our Google News.

Here and there ... Huawei want to be allowed to develop 5G in the USA

Huawei managed to become a leader in 5G and now it is more useful for them than ever.

Who will benefit the most from US cooperation and Huawei

In an amicable way, the possibility of such work and the interaction of companies to promote fifth-generation networks should have been discussed last year so as not to waste so much time, but it is possible that during this year there was still hope to cope on our own.

Naomi Wilson, Senior Director of Asia Policy at the IT Industry Council, agreed that US actions have caused US companies to lose contact with Huawei on important projects.

I do not want to delve into who was right or, on the contrary, wrong, but the facts speak for themselves. Trying to “kill” Huawei, the US government made her almost stronger by formally admitting that it was dependent on her. Maybe the words of the leaders Huawei that they need Google more than they are also true, and not an attempt to put a good face on a bad game? And the actual mobile division of the company has not sagged so much due to the Chinese market. This report states that it retained the second largest smartphone shipments in the world.

Here and there ... Huawei want to be allowed to develop 5G in the USA

Smartphones are good, but the infrastructure to run them is even better.

We can say that Huawei should act proudly and leave the market, refusing to cooperate, they say, as you are with us, and we are with you – do it yourself. But they don't need it. The money is good there, the influence on the market will return, and there it will be possible to enlist the support of operators. And what the hell is not joking, maybe you get the rules before you return to dictate.

In general, the scales again swung in the direction of the Chinese giant. Let's see what will happen next. In our editorial office there is a common comic phrase that fits this situation as best as possible – nothing is clear, but very interesting.

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