It's a cannon! Samsung accidentally showed Galaxy Note 20 before the presentation

Despite the fact that today there are a lot of brands that can be considered cult, there are almost no smartphones with the same status on the market. Nokia was blown away long ago, HTC, which released the first smartphone on Android, turned out to be a blank cartridge, and LG, Sony and everyone else never really fired. Samsung stands out all the more brightly against their background, which, along with Apple, was able to conquer the minds of users with its smartphones, which were quite capable of being called cult. That only is the Galaxy Note line, which this year is waiting for such a serious upgrade.

It's a cannon!  Samsung accidentally showed Galaxy Note 20 before the presentation

Galaxy Note 20 will be a really cool smartphone

Tonight Samsung accidentally lit up the upcoming Galaxy Note 20. The leak would not have been so significant if the image of the smartphone had not appeared on the official website of the company, from where it was safely saved by all and sundry. How it happened is really hard to say, given that there is still about a month left before the official presentation. But since Samsung has already shown a new product, thereby confirming the upcoming release, it is simply impossible not to discuss everything that awaits us in the near future.

How the Galaxy Note 20 differs from the Galaxy Note 10

It's a cannon!  Samsung accidentally showed Galaxy Note 20 before the presentation

The new design of the camera indicates its upgrade

It's a cannon!  Samsung accidentally showed Galaxy Note 20 before the presentation

Bronze paint adds elegance to your smartphone

I propose to start with the design – after all, so far this is the only thing that has been shown to us – and I like it. Samsung has retained the square casing of the previous generation models, but has made some significant, in my opinion, changes in its design.

  • First, the body seems to have become thinner. Not to say that the Galaxy Note 10 was thick, but judging by the images presented, it seems that the thickness of the Galaxy Note 20 will be even less than 8 mm. I really like thin cases – they give off something noble. It is immediately clear that the manufacturer did not just cram everything that needed to be crammed into a beautiful shell, but got confused and placed the insides so that the result was a thin and stylish tile.
  • Secondly, Samsung has worked on the main camera unit. Now it's not just a narrow 'traffic light' of lenses. Now the modules are packed in a rectangular block, which favorably emphasizes the orientation of the smartphone to high-quality photo and video shooting, which is typical for modern flagships. Thanks to this uncomplicated innovation, the camera has become a real design dominant, and not a side structural element.
  • Thirdly, Samsung – at least I hope so – has abandoned the parrot colors and opted for the austere style characteristic of the Galaxy Note of earlier generations. The novelty was painted in a stylish bronze color, which gives the smartphone elegance and at the same time makes it not as defiant as the Galaxy Note 10, which suffered from pearlescent overflow.

Galaxy Note 20 specifications

It's a cannon!  Samsung accidentally showed Galaxy Note 20 before the presentation

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be built entirely around a 108-megapixel camera

Officially, the characteristics of the Galaxy Note 20 have not been disclosed, but it is obvious that this year Samsung, as in the past, will release at least two, or even three models, each of which, although it will be priced differently, will receive comparable hardware, and will differ in the size of the display, cameras and, probably, the amount of RAM. The base model, of course, will be the classic Galaxy Note 20 with a 6.7-inch display and 12GB of RAM. The middle one – Galaxy Note 20 Plus – with a 6.9-inch display and the same 12 GB of RAM, and the older one – Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – with a top-end 108-megapixel camera, 120 Hz display and 16 GB of RAM.

The question of price remains open. Traditionally, Galaxy Note smartphones are more expensive than Galaxy S, and there is no reason to believe that something will change fundamentally this year. In this regard, I would dare to suggest that the base Galaxy Note 20 will be priced at 89,990 rubles, the average one at 99,990 rubles, and the top-end one at 109,990 rubles. Exactly how much, by the way, the representatives of the Galaxy S20 line cost during the period of short-term price increases, but then returned to the original indicators – obviously, in order to prepare for the launch of the 'laptops'.

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