Is the Tizen OS up to date in 2020?

The operating system Tizen began its existence back in 2011, when the LiMo Foundation and Linux Foundation officially announced the launch of the open source platform Tizen for a wide range of devices. The ability to run the operating system on completely different devices, from smartwatches to tablets, is its main feature. The project is currently almost abandoned by the Koreans and acts as a backup option in case they have to abandon Android, but this does not mean that smartphones on this operating system are still outdated. Let's take a look at the Samsung Z line and see how well the phone performs on Tizen OS in 2020.

Is the Tizen OS up to date in 2020?

Is Tizen smartphone relevant in 2020?

Events from Tizen developed quite quickly. The very first Galaxy Z1 became quite successful in India and was presented in 2015. The phone became popular due to its low cost of $ 90. For this money, of course, he offered basic hardware, but was still considered a full-fledged smartphone. In addition, it worked quite quickly due to the fact that Tizen is still a more simplified system in comparison with Android.

Further, several devices in the Z-line were presented. However, we will try to take a closer look at the Samsung Z3, which followed the Z1. Yes, Samsung, for some reason, released the Z3 first, and then the Z2, but now it's not that important.

From the video above, you can easily understand that the phone works smoothly even after 4 years and does not experience any performance problems. And this despite the fact that, technically, the Z3 was an extremely weak phone even for 2015. It is equipped with a 5-inch display, 8MP camera, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, a Spreadtrum SC7730 processor and a 2600mAh battery.

The latest version of Z3 is Tizen 2.4. And this despite the fact that Samsung Z4 runs on Tizen 3. It is strange that the Koreans have not updated all phones in the line to the latest version.

Especially for Russia, Samsung introduced the Z3 Corporate Edition in 2016. It received a more powerful Snapdragon 410 and became a good option for business.

So, we figured out a little about the phones on Tizen. Now it is worth mentioning the fact that there are many smartwatches on the market on Tizen, which makes the system quite versatile in real examples, and not in words.

Is the phone on Tizen up to date in 2020?

Of course, it will be difficult to find a Z-line phone on sale, but here the question is rather how good is the overall ecosystem of operating systems and support. At Android, as a rule, after a couple of years, the device starts to freeze due to the Google services themselves, and applications are updated with a new API and become more demanding on hardware. In the case of Tizen this is not the case. And, probably, the reason is that the applications simply do not update.

Owners Tizen by performance in 2020 shouldn't experience any issues. Your devices should work smoothly even against the background of competing Android devices, but if you have the opportunity to purchase a phone for Android, you should still do it.

Tizen I would recommend considering only those who want to get a device with an unusual operating system, different from what is on the market. BB10 and Windows Phone were the same unusual system. I used both, and they had a lot of advantages over the background Android. However, the Google system, of course, has taken over the market through applications and that is only why, in my opinion. If the developers paid more attention to the same Tizen, it is possible that Samsung would not have dared to abandon it, even amid pressure from Google according to unofficial sources.

Curious to know what you think about this? Are there any owners of phones based on this operating system among our readers? Share your opinion in the comments and don't forget about our Telegram.

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