Is OnePlus 8 easy to scratch or break? Have already checked.

While many have already started preparing money for the new OnePlus 8 Pro, others lamented that it is too expensive. I am more likely to belong to the latter, but until I use my smartphone for a couple of weeks, I'm not ready to be very categorical. Perhaps my opinion will change, but for now I am sure that he is not worth his money. Let's see what happens if you try to scratch or bend it. Confronting the adversity of fate is always important for any user. Only now I don't want to check it myself. Better to just see how others are doing it, grumble “I wish they gave it to me” and see if this level of protection suits you.

Is OnePlus 8 easy to scratch or break?  Have already checked.


New OnePlus 8

If you missed yesterday's news, check out our article on this topic, where we went into detail about the new smartphones. For now, I'll just remind you of the new OnePlus in a nutshell.

Two models have been released – OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, each of which will run on Snapdragon 865 and will lose the notch in the screen. Instead, the novelty will receive a hole for the front camera.

The main difference between the OnePlus 8 Pro and the regular version of the smartphone is the presence of fast 30-watt wireless charging and water resistance with IP68 certification.

OnePlus 8 durability test

Well-known blogger Zach and YouTube author JerryRigEverything tested the new OnePlus 8 Pro using his own method. He tried to bend or scratch it, but the device resisted bullying well enough. But this is not surprising, because all expensive smartphones use premium materials that resist damage very well.

The new smartphones are made of glass and aluminum, like all modern flagships from other manufacturers. This makes them beautiful and durable enough. Although even such materials are still susceptible to scratches.

A special strength scale (Mohs scale) is used for testing, where 1 is talc, and 10 is diamond (the most durable mineral on Earth). If the material corresponds to the first level of the scale, then it is scratched with a fingernail. If the tenth, then it is able to cut glass. For checking, special scrapers are used, which will either scratch the material or not.

Is OnePlus 8 easy to scratch or break?  Have already checked.

This is how they scratch the screen while checking.

The glass of the new OnePlus 8 meets the sixth level of toughness. This means that it is better not to carry it in a pocket with change and keys.

The classic flexion test didn't make much of an impact on the OnePlus 8 Pro as the device more or less held its shape throughout the video. The only really serious damage to the phone was after being burned with a lighter for several seconds. There is a stain on the screen.

The test result can be considered good, but not perfect. Especially for the price of a smartphone. Some devices performed better.

Sturdy phone

It is worth noting that manufacturers rarely come up with body materials for their smartphones themselves. As a rule, they buy ready-made glasses from Corning or some other manufacturers, and metal alloys were invented long before them. Even if chemists come up with something new, it is unlikely that it will be very different from what already exists. Manufacturers can only choose the alloy that suits them in terms of characteristics and price. Further a matter of technology. At the factory, you can set up the production of anything.

That is why expensive smartphones use expensive materials and all models show similar results on strength tests.

However, if this is not enough and you need some really durable phone for difficult conditions, it is better not to choose the most durable model among the usual, if I may say so, civilians.
Is OnePlus 8 easy to scratch or break?  Have already checked.

One of the tests of the smartphone for strength.

There are many secure phones on the market. I even prepared a separate article in which I gave examples of the most, in my opinion, interesting devices with a high level of protection.

How phones are tested for strength

In fact, it's not worth saying that the JerryRigEverything channel gives the full picture and tells as fully as possible about the strength of the gadget. Yes, in general, the result is quite objective if you use it to compare with the results of other models, but real phone tests are completely different.

These tests are carried out in factories and independent research laboratories. We have already talked about this. There, smartphones are bent with a certain effort, and not just by hand, dropped in the way most users drop them, and also scratch in natural conditions. Everything is done based on data collected by researchers.

By and large, what is shown on the JerryRigEverything channel is just a show. Educational and entertaining, but show. Like pretty much everything on YouTube. You can watch and you can even get useful information, but this is somehow far from life.

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