IPhone SE 2020 was faster than Galaxy S20 Ultra for 110 thousand rubles

Despite the fact that manufacturers have been trying to convince us for a couple of years that the top ranking of flagship smartphones should not be measured by performance, but by their photographic capabilities, for many, computing power is still a priority. In principle, this is logical, because most people still shoot in automatic mode, not bothering even with switching lenses, not to mention some additional settings. And performance is still an indicator of the device's prospects, which will allow them to remain relevant for longer. It is from him that you need to build on when choosing a new device.

IPhone SE 2020 was faster than Galaxy S20 Ultra for 110 thousand rubles

iPhone SE 2020 is faster than Galaxy S20 Ultra

In early May, CEO Apple Tim Cook announced that the new iPhone SE, despite its low price, outperforms even the most advanced smartphones by Android. Many took these words figuratively and did not attach particular importance to them, because such an inexpensive device cannot be better than flagships for 1000-1500 dollars. It was really hard to believe in this, given that Apple cut iPhone SE 2020 in every possible way, depriving it of some of the functionality inherent in older versions. However, the test showed that in terms of performance, the new product really has no equal. At least in the market Android – smartphones.

How iPhone SE 2020 works

Gary Sims, author of YouTube channel Gary Explains, conducted an independent experiment comparing the performance iPhone of SE 2020 and Galaxy S20 Ultra. For this purpose, he used his own benchmark SpeedTest G, which, according to him, allows you to scan the hardware potential of the smartphone as accurately as possible, unlike all other applications for measuring performance. SpeedTest G checks the operation of the CPU and graphics accelerator, forcing the devices to process the data set corresponding to their characteristics. However, the benchmark does not give an estimate, like the same Geekbench, but shows the time during which the device copes with the task. The smaller it is, the better the result.

IPhone SE 2020 was faster than Galaxy S20 Ultra for 110 thousand rubles

iPhone SE 2020 is faster than Galaxy S20 Ultra by 7.5 seconds on average

As you can see in the table above, in two of the three tests iPhone, SE 2020 performed better, despite last year's hardware and three times lower price than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The only test in which the smartphone Apple lost to the Samsung flagship was the CPU test. True, this loss cannot be called indicative either, because iPhone SE 2020 showed itself only one second slower, while in all other tests the Galaxy S20 Ultra lost to its opponent by an average of 3-5 seconds. And this is a much more noticeable gap.

Can you trust benchmarks

IPhone SE 2020 was faster than Galaxy S20 Ultra for 110 thousand rubles

Galaxy S20 Ultra is very expensive, but its support is so-so

For many, synthetic power measurements are not meaningful. After all, it is a widespread practice among manufacturers to optimize the hardware of their smartphones for a specific benchmark. However, in this case it is excluded. The blogger did not publish SpeedTest G in app stores in order to deprive vendors of the opportunity to somehow deceive algorithms that measure real performance. Therefore, given the authority of Gary Sims, who is a prominent figure in the field of mobile journalism, he can be trusted.

Indeed, the result shown by iPhone SE 2020 was not overwhelmingly superior to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Just think, some 7 seconds. However, the very fact of superiority iPhone SE is important here, because it costs only 40 thousand rubles, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra – 110: the difference is almost threefold. And this is in an era when even manufacturers of frankly affordable Android flagships break such prices that it becomes completely out of place for users to buy them for personal use. So isn't it easier to buy a new iPhone SE, which will be updated for another 4, or even 5 years, than the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which Samsung risks forgetting in a year?

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