I touched Galaxy Note 10 Plus. How else can Samsung surprise us?

In truth, I have never seen a better phone. The device was presented back in August 2019, but only yesterday I managed to use it for a while. In this article I will share my impressions and try to understand how else Samsung can surprise us in the future. Of course, the most important thing is already clear – the current form factor is becoming obsolete. The Galaxy S20 lineup is likely to be the last of the flat-screen devices.

I touched Galaxy Note 10 Plus.  How else can Samsung surprise us?

What else can Samsung surprise us with?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Plus) is an amazing phone that attracts everyone. Here's a cool camera, here's a stunning Waterfall display that literally hovers above the surface, here's an amazing and colorful shell that doesn't raise any questions. She is beautiful, comfortable, pleasant and functional.

The Galaxy Note 10 (Plus) is the best thing that has happened to the smartphone market of all time. And I very much doubt that Samsung will be able to surprise us with anything else in the future. In 2020, the Galaxy S20 lineup will receive a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It's an interesting feature, but Samsung is unlikely to surprise anyone with 240Hz in 2021. The fact is that the performance of phones does not increase so much every year that it is possible to significantly increase the hertz value – the players simply will not notice the difference.

But let's not go into such details. The bottom line is simple – performance is no longer surprising, since it has become the norm – to increase it by 25-30% every year. Also, don't surprise with cameras, because the Pixel 4 shoots as well as a professional camera, which costs $ 5,000. They will not be able to surprise with the sound quality, simply because there are not so many music lovers. But then how to surprise? Screen. Yes. They will be surprised in 2020 by presenting a 120 Hz solution. But what will happen next? Because the resolution in the same Galaxy Note 10 Plus is amazing. The picture is as clear as possible – it is simply perfect. It is difficult to imagine that they will ever show a better screen if you evaluate the color rendition and picture clarity. In addition, the scope of the device is already minimal. If you look at the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note 10 Plus, you can understand that outwardly there is no difference between them. I propose to discuss the appearance of these devices in our Telegram chat.

I touched Galaxy Note 10 Plus.  How else can Samsung surprise us?

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Note 10 Plus

And here we really come to a dead end, because we need to sell phones, but is it possible to sell them without surprising anything? The Galaxy S20 will still be able to surprise with a 120 Hz screen, but in 2021 they will no longer be able to surprise. And that's why I believe that the Galaxy S20 is the latest generation of flagships in the Galaxy S lineup. The stage of modern smartphones that we are all used to is coming to an end. And a new phase has already begun when the Galaxy Fold was presented. The Galaxy Z Flip (Fold 2 in the past) will start selling in February. The phone will receive a different form-fact – not like the Fold. And, most likely, the third generation Galaxy Fold will become a full-fledged replacement for the Galaxy S line.

What else leads me to believe that the S20 will be the last flagship in the Galaxy S lineup? The name itself. Previously, the company did not particularly try to change the name of its flagships, but now it decided to jump straight to the number '20'. This is usually done in the case when they do not count on the continuation of the line and consider the phone to be the key and final – the final link.

The mid-budget phone market is changing and growing faster than flagships today, which is why companies are releasing foldable phones to make the difference between a flagship and a mid-budget device more obvious. I don't know what the market will look like in 10 years, because if we compare the Galaxy Note 10 with the Galaxy Note 1, which was introduced 9 years ago, we understand that it is just heaven and earth. I think if consumers saw the Note 10 in 2011, they simply wouldn't believe it was possible at all. Phones that we could only enjoy in renderings are now becoming a reality. What will be tomorrow? Nobody knows.

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