I know when OnePlus 8 will be shown, but I don't want to buy it

Remember the ecstasy of the audience when the first generation OnePlus came out? They were not just good, but they offered the most advanced technologies for the minimum money. The price could be two or more times lower than competitors. At the same time, smartphones also offered great customization options, constantly received updates and were the things that united not just smartphone lovers, but real enthusiasts in their field. Those times began to gradually pass with the release of new models, which cost more and more, gradually approaching the leaders. We now know when the new OnePlus 8 will be out, but does it generate the same enthusiasm it did during the second and third model?

I know when OnePlus 8 will be shown, but I don't want to buy it

There will be three new OnePlus.

How much does OnePlus cost

Of course, before reproaching the company, it is worth understanding that with such a start there are only two ways. The first one leads nowhere, after LeEco, which tried to shoot with top-end hardware for a penny, having big ambitions and almost believing in her success. There is no need to talk about where they are now, although their devices were not as bad as many think, and they definitely cost their 10-15 thousand rubles.

The second way looks more promising from a business point of view, if everything is done correctly and on time, but almost never brand fans will be able to accept it with understanding.

Personally, I have no complaints, I believe that this approach is correct. The company showed the whole world who she is by giving away its smartphones almost for free, gradually gaining user reviews to improve software and hardware. Now that its devices have begun to compete with recognized leaders, it's time to beat back investments and start earning. Everything is fine, you just need to stop pretending to be Robin Hood, who still thinks only about people.

As a result, we have what we have, and OnePlus no longer costs a couple of hundred dollars, but almost a thousand. But what will happen to the eighth generation?

When will OnePlus 8 come out

OnePlus 8 will be unveiled in the first half of April, TechRadar reports citing its sources at the company. Most likely, the presentation will be global and the smartphone will go on sale simultaneously in all markets. Although, it remains a small mystery which gadgets will be shown at the presentation.

Apparently, there will be three of them. These are OnePlus 8 Lite, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. It seems to me that such a division of the line looks as logical as possible, in contrast to the use of letters that do not mean anything or generally spaced by different numbers.

I know when OnePlus 8 will be shown, but I don't want to buy it

There is definitely no doubt about one thing – the smartphone will look good.

The appearance of the Lite model looks even more relevant against the background of the fact that buyers are used to updating to the current line, and not last year's at a discount. It is the lite version that allows no one to feel like an oldfag. Even Apple understood this and released a full-fledged eleventh family without any “R” and last year's models.

OnePlus 8 specifications

Apparently, OnePlus 8 will have a somewhat unusual angular design. It will most likely have a 6.4-inch screen with a hole for the front camera. In this case, the refresh rate will not be lower than 90 Hz.

The camera is also expected to have a triple main camera module. True, two of them will be traditional – super wide and just wide, and the third will be the ToF sensor. There is almost no other data, except that the smartphone will work under the control of the chipset MediaTek Dimensity 1000.

As for the OnePlus 8, it's worth noting that it will have a larger 6.6-inch display. In this case, the screen will be curved, and the front camera will move out of the body, and not spoil the geometry of the screen.

The screen resolution will be Full HD +, but the refresh rate will most likely reach 120 Hz. There is no information on the processor yet, but the camera will be similar to the one used in the OnePlus 7T Pro. There will be three modules in it. In addition to the main one, there will be a super-width and a telemodule.

I know when OnePlus 8 will be shown, but I don't want to buy it

Different versions of OnePlus 8 will have different cameras.

There is a bit more information regarding the OnePlus 8 Pro. The screen resolution will be QHD + at 120Hz refresh rate, and the Snapdragon 865 will be responsible for the performance, possibly even with a chip supporting 5G. There will be four main cameras. Tele, shirik and ultra-wide plus ToF.

What's new in OnePlus 8

The main characteristics of the smartphone are listed above, but it should be noted that the new product is likely to include wireless charging and IP certification. That is, the protection against water and dust will now have a clear classification.

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The second point is especially comical, since some time ago the company's management assured that certification costs money and no one needs it, and only increases the price. Have your priorities changed? If this really happens, then this is all there, to the conversation that someone is building a company of himself exclusively for people. However, while we do not know for sure, and all the cards will be revealed at the presentation.

I know when OnePlus 8 will be shown, but I don't want to buy it

We will find out more details about the new smartphone soon enough.

Why won't I buy OnePlus

Earlier there was information that the new product in the Pro version will cost about $ 1,000. On the one hand, it's like other manufacturers, but for this money you can already buy Samsung S20, and Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and even iPhone 11 Pro. I'm not talking about the OnePlus sisters in the BBK family, which are OPPO and VIVO, which also have decent models, sometimes even for less money. Of course, I'm talking about prices for Europe and Russia, which will be higher than Chinese and American ones.

Until I was convinced that I needed this smartphone for that kind of money. It has no revolutionary design, no outstanding performance and it is not even known what kind of camera it will be. Perhaps after the presentation I will change my mind, but so far it looks exactly like this. What are your thoughts on the new OnePlus 8? Are you waiting for him? Ready to buy it in the top version for almost a thousand dollars? Or is OnePlus not the same one and is it time to take it as another smartphone from many?

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