I do not believe! How Huawei buys reviews on their smartphones

I think you have already noticed that recently smartphones on Android have somehow suspiciously risen in price. In the wake of Apple, which set a price above $ 1000 for flagships, many manufacturers decided that this is a new trend that must be supported. But if Apple in this way simply compensates for the costs of development and research, then competitors of the Cupertino company like Huawei put in the high cost of branded smartphones – the cost of gifts that increase its attractiveness, and paying for reviews.

I do not believe!  How Huawei buys reviews on their smartphones

Reviews will be better if you start giving gifts for them

If you go to the official website Huawei in Russia, you will see that they are trying to foist something else on you in pursuit of each brand device. Cheaper smartphones come with fitness bracelets, in addition to flagships, they provide monopods, tripods and speakers, and with tablets – stylus or covers with a built-in keyboard. On the one hand, it's cool. It immediately seems that the manufacturer is not greedy and strives to immediately provide the user with the necessary equipment. However, if you use common sense, it becomes obvious that free cheese is only in a mousetrap, and all these gifts are initially included in the retail price.

Gifts for smartphones

I do not believe!  How Huawei buys reviews on their smartphones

Almost every device Huawei comes with a gift

Honestly or not, I can’t judge. In the end, in this case, nothing is taken away from the buyer, but only given – albeit at his own expense. Many people even like it, but Huawei thus kills two birds with one stone: it increases its shaky authority in the eyes of users and drains illiquid assets under the guise of gifts. Why illiquid? Because fitness bracelets Huawei sounds like a business class from Pobeda or an SUV from AvtoVAZ. There is a catch in the expression itself. After all, everyone knows that if you really buy fitness bracelets, then only from Xiaomi, especially since they recently acquired NFC payments.

But I saved the sweetest for last. Reviews. As shameful as it sounds, Huawei buys reviews. The company's official website even has a special page dedicated to this – if I may say so – shares. Those who took part are promised a gift – a powerbank for 1 ruble. Gifts change periodically and, if I'm not confusing anything, last time the Chinese offered a monopod. Not God knows what, but sweet for free and vinegar, right? Moreover, the conditions for receiving a gift – do not hit the lying person.

How to get a gift from Huawei

I do not believe!  How Huawei buys reviews on their smartphones

Do you want a powerbank for 1 ruble? Leave a review about your smartphone or tablet Huawei

  • The review can only apply to smartphones without Google services (devices with Google services do not need reviews – they will be bought anyway);
  • The review should be longer than 350 characters (this is about half an A4 sheet in 14th Times New Roman font, that is, it will obviously not work to limit ourselves to only 'I was satisfied with everything');
  • It remains only for some reason to screenshot your feedback and post a screenshot in the comments to the news about the action. All.

I do not believe!  How Huawei buys reviews on their smartphones

What is the value in reviews if they are left by those who have not even seen a smartphone in their eyes?

It would seem, well, what's wrong with that? It's just that the manufacturer wants to know the true opinion of users about their products. But this is from the evil one. If you are promised a gift, it is quite obvious that you will no longer be able to maintain objectivity. In the end, you have already bought a smartphone, and no one will return the money for it, but you want to get a powerbank or a monopod for 1 ruble. Therefore, you will surely write a positive review and try to smooth the corners so that the kind Huawei sends you a gift.

Smartphone Reviews Huawei

I can't argue if Huawei somehow matches reviews with actual purchases. However, I was allowed to leave a review for absolutely any device on the site Huawei, although, of course, I did not buy anything there. But the funniest thing was ahead of me. I decided to look at what users write about the brand's smartphones, and I found laudatory reviews even for devices that have not yet been officially launched. These are devices of the line Huawei Y of 2020. They will arrive at retail only two days later, on June 5, but the people who are thirsty for freebies shared their positive impressions back in May.

I do not believe!  How Huawei buys reviews on their smartphones

These are the reviews for Huawei P40 Pro. Somehow suspiciously many of them are positive

But on this I did not calm down and decided to check the reviews about smartphones Huawei on Yandex.Market. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but all the latest innovations of the company have dozens and hundreds of positive reviews written in a suspiciously detailed manner. For the sake of interest, I opened the Galaxy S20 page and saw that reviews about it were on average 2, or even 3 times shorter than about devices Huawei. I will not say for sure whether reviews were bought on Yandex.Market or not, but, given the heresy their authors sometimes write, there is a suspicion that this was done insincerely.

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