How to make remote work efficient using your smartphone (no way)

The coronavirus has led to the closure of many offices with the transition to remote work. This format of work today is optimal, so as not to endanger workers, because the virus is spreading more and more throughout the world, so it makes sense to worry. But how do you ensure that work from home does not turn into constant rest or stress? How to control yourself? In this case, we offer you a number of tips, and it is the smartphone that can become an assistant (but mainly a pest) in this matter.

How to make remote work efficient using your smartphone (no way)

How not to burn out at remote work and make it effective

According to statistics, 5 million Americans work from home for at least half a week. In the United States, the share of remote workers in the total is 34-36%, while in Russia the figures are much more modest – about 5-10%. Remote work, although it saves employers a lot of money, it leads to less control over employees who may not work effectively enough.

With the advent of the coronavirus, many companies have decided to switch to a remote work format, and in the near future, problems with the efficiency of remote workers may begin, since office workers are not adapted to work remotely as efficiently as in the office. And if you are concerned about the issue of efficiency, we can offer you a number of tips that will allow you not to waste time and burn out in a month. And an ordinary smartphone on Android will help us with this.

Give up the phone

When working remotely, there is a great desire to work on the couch or lying on the bed with the phone in hand, but this leads to the person relaxing and losing efficiency, so try to completely stop using the smartphone during working hours.

I've been working remotely for enough time to state firmly that the smartphone is the main distraction while working. Imagine that you simply do not have a phone.

Use the Digital Wellbeing Features and the Tomato Technique

How to make remote work efficient using your smartphone (no way)

Don't be afraid to restrict the use of the apps you spend the most time on

If you still have to look at your smartphone at work, try to turn on restrictions on the use of a number of applications, this will help you to refuse such applications as YouTube or Instagram when using the device. It would be nice if you turn off all notifications on your smartphone.

In addition, another nice feature of Digital Wellbeing is the ability to activate black and white mode, in which the screen turns from color to black and white. This will allow you not to focus on the phone.

Another way to make remote work effective is to download an app that implements the tomato technique on your smartphone. This technique is a working time timer.

Activate the timer and work for 25 minutes, after 20 minutes the application will ask you to take a break of 5 minutes. 5 tomatoes, 25 minutes each, will allow a 15 minute break. This technique allows you not to strain your brain too much during work and remain effective even in the evening.

Use work clothes, reminders, alarms, and normal technique

How to make remote work efficient using your smartphone (no way)

Do not be lazy to wear work clothes, this will help you better control yourself

Of course, this has little to do with the phone, but putting on the things that you usually wear at work can be an effective method, this will allow you not to relax.

Many people think that working remotely is the ability to get up at 12 noon and finish work at 21-23 pm or even at night. However, this is the least efficient approach and will not get you anywhere.

The healthiest sleep is at night, so try to sit at your computer at 9 am and finish work at 6 pm on a schedule. Do not give yourself indulgences, because it will only get worse.

It is not known how long the quarantine will last, so you should buy yourself a comfortable office chair, a good monitor, a computer – everything that will make your work comfortable.

Particular attention should be paid to the monitor, because it depends on how quickly your eyes will get tired and how quickly you begin to feel that your vision has deteriorated. Take a closer look at 2K monitors with increased screen refresh rates – this will significantly reduce eye strain.

Try to communicate with real people

How to make remote work efficient using your smartphone (no way)

Communication is the only way not to go crazy

Communication in messengers, of course, is good, but try to communicate with real people every day, because 1-2 months of work in this mode can lead to a nervous breakdown, a feeling of isolation from the world, a feeling of loneliness. This is an extremely dangerous condition.

Your employer might offer you daily evening job discussions on Skype. This option, of course, is not bad, but nevertheless it is live communication that will help get rid of the dangerous feeling of isolation from society.

Go in for sports

How to make remote work efficient using your smartphone (no way)

Don't bother me, I'm doing push-ups!

Going to the office is always a movement. Even if in the morning you spend 20-40 minutes on the way to work, your body is still moving and this is a good workout, including for your heart and vascular system. Now imagine that you do not leave the house every day and, getting out of bed, immediately sit down to work.

In this mode, after a couple of months, you will begin to notice rapid fatigue, high blood pressure. After 2 hours of work, do warm-ups, and in the evenings, do not be lazy to devote an hour to walking or jogging in the fresh air – this is necessary for your body.

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