Huawei says users should install apps from AppGallery. Why?

Sometimes manufacturers are a little tricky in telling us what we should install on our smartphones. For example, a new software version. Do manufacturers bake in such a way that we use only the newest and most modern software? This is of course true, as this is how we try new features and see how the company evolves to become even more loyal fans. But an even bigger benefit for software manufacturers (read Apple and Google) is that they just feel better about it. Less segmentation, and most importantly, more people use the latest version of the software. And thanks to this, it is easier to “finish” it. But what about app stores?

Huawei says users should install apps from AppGallery.  Why?

This app store is growing, but not fast enough.

AppGallery App Store

Now there are several official app stores in the world and a few more unofficial ones. The latter can be installed either through the APK, or sometimes even from branded stores.

Of course, the most famous app stores are Google Play and AppStore. They are the ones who share the lion's share of the money in the industry. At the same time, the fact that Android – there are about four times more devices than iPhone means nothing. The main money still circulates in the AppStore, since there users are more loyal to parting with small amounts of real money.

For example, the decision of the US government to impose sanctions on Huawei led to the fact that the Chinese company lost the ability to use the Google Play store and began to actively develop its AppGallery. And now the company not only tells new users to install applications from this store, but also makes the same request to those on whose devices all Google services work normally. What is the reason for this?

Why Huawei asks to install apps from AppGallery

To be honest, I am in no hurry to use this store, since there is very little of something really interesting there, although the application count has already gone to numbers with a large number of zeros.

However, now there is a situation where Huawei asks users of devices with Google support to install applications from AppGallery anyway.

Huawei says users should install apps from AppGallery.  Why?

Wearable electronics are gaining momentum.

Messages began to appear on the forums that the company's popular bracelets and watches stopped pairing with smartphones. When their owners began to contact support Huawei through the forums, the company replied that they should download applications from the current AppGallery store.

Complaints are still received not for specific models. There are many options and questions are poured in from the owners of different phones and different wearable gadgets. But the essence of the complaint does not change from this – the pairing does not work. It turns out that the app Huawei Health requires a new version of mobile services Huawei – or later.

Why does the bracelet or watch Huawei not connect to the phone

So in order for the watch and bracelets to work with the phone again Huawei, users are asked to remove Huawei Mobile Services and Huawei Health. Then they need to be downloaded and installed again, but from the store Huawei AppGallery.

It is difficult to answer whether Huawei is deliberately trying to force users to choose AppGallery or is it a failure during the upgrade process. This is most likely a really technical issue, but the likelihood of neatly nudging users in the “right direction” is very possible.

It's worth noting that users are complaining that AppGallery's tips for installing apps don't help. In this case, the support on the forums gives advice on completely resetting your smartphone and bracelet (or watch) and setting everything up from scratch. So it’s not just the app store?

Huawei says users should install apps from AppGallery.  Why?

If your bracelet does not work, try doing what support advises Huawei.

Does the app store have any prospects Huawei

Most likely, regardless of whether the situation is prepared by the company itself or not, the update that solves the problem will be distributed primarily through AppGallery. This store means too much to the company. Therefore, if you have such a problem, you should pay attention to AppGallery

Not so long ago, we already wrote about the statement of the management Huawei that “Google needs them, not them”. So far, this is hard to believe, since at the moment the Chinese company cannot provide a functional replacement for all Google services. How long it will last is difficult to say, but the fact remains. Even if you can somehow install the applications you need, bypassing Google Play (which is not in the new models) and AppGallery, you cannot log in to many of them. Everything goes through Google's servers. That's all…

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