Huawei Mate 40 may come out much earlier than usual. But why?

Many tech savvy people know that Huawei shows cool smartphones twice a year. In the spring we learn about the novelties of the “P” series, and in the fall we are shown the “Mate” line. Each of them is interesting in itself, and from year to year the company tries to stick to the schedule. But what if things are different this year. Huawei We have already studied the P40 Pro and everything is more or less clear with it. Only now the information has appeared, according to which we will not have to wait long to touch “Mate”. The company even prepared for itself a loophole in the rules for the release of models and now can use it. Sounds tempting, however, there is one small “but”.

Huawei Mate 40 may come out much earlier than usual.  But why?

We may see a new one soon Huawei

New Huawei Mate 40

According to the information that appeared on Weibo, Huawei may really not wait for the second half of the year and release the Huawei Mate series smartphone right now.

More precisely, not right now, but in May or June. It may indeed be a smartphone of the Huawei Mate series, but it will not belong to the top segment of this line. It is possible that the new gadget will replace the Huawei Mate S, which was released back in the distant (by mobile standards, sooo far) 2015. Then he got his share of popularity. Now there may be some fans on it too.

In 2015 Huawei, the Mate S had very decent specs that pushed many to buy. Write in our Telegram chat if you have experience with this device.

If the model is restarted, then, most likely, it will also be at a very high technical level, but, apparently, should not be very expensive. In this case, it will compete well with the OnePlus 8 and Samsung Galaxy S20. And also Huawei P40 …

Perhaps, even if this is the case, the company still wants to undermine the market a little and “dump” several different smartphones at once, which may compete with each other, but together they will be able to crush a slightly larger market share.

Huawei Mate 40 may come out much earlier than usual.  But why?

This is how the Huawei Mate S looked in 2015.

What will the new phone be like Huawei

In fact, the release date of the mysterious novelty is all that we know about it. It will be May-June this year. From the characteristics, one can only assume that it will have a lot of RAM and permanent memory, as well as the Kirin 990 processor. It is he who is the newest processor Huawei to date.

If, as we assume, it will be a flagship, it received OLED – a screen with a high frame rate and will be made of glass and metal, which means it will receive wireless charging. That's all, it is not yet possible to say something in more detail.

The cheapest Huawei Mate 40

On the other hand, the company can do the opposite and will not release a sequel Huawei Mate S, but will release something like Huawei Mate 40 Lite. This also makes sense. So the novelty will be able to compete well with Google Pixel 4a and even iPhone SE 2. Of course, the competition will be mainly in the Chinese market, since there Huawei without Google services it is not inferior to competitors. All on an equal footing.

Why phones are released at different times

Huawei this year has already shown how it can release smartphones at different times. This applies to the release of minor versions Huawei P40 and Honor 30 earlier than the main flagships were presented.

For a company, this approach has two advantages at once. On the one hand, it distances the models and sets out a separate presentation only for flagship devices, as if raising them further in the eyes of the buyer. Yes, there are so many versions of them now that another one will obviously be superfluous at the presentation.

Huawei Mate 40 may come out much earlier than usual.  But why?

Huawei has already shown that it can produce excellent smartphones even in times of crisis.

On the other hand, this is a good way to hint to potential buyers that “everything is fine with us”. It immediately becomes clear that the company is preparing a new line and will release it very soon. Fans of the brand, for whom this is important, will relax and will not buy other smartphones. In the case of Huawei, this approach is really very relevant.

Of course, everything that has been said above refers rather to the category of rumors and reasoning, but they have a certain meaning, since Huawei you need to act more aggressively and do what is not expected of her. The main thing is not to harm other lines, which are already experiencing serious difficulties in the global market.

Here, marketers should network and think hard. After all, if smartphones Huawei are interfered with not only by the US government, competitors and the coronavirus, but also by itself Huawei, then it will not get far.

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