How to quickly charge a smartphone?

I woke up, stretched, got out of bed, opened the curtains and went to get ready for work or school. This is what the morning of the vast majority of people in the world looks like. Someone includes breakfast in this list, someone morning exercises or other procedures. But many are familiar with the situation when, in the midst of the morning troubles, you realize that you forgot to put your smartphone on charge in the evening and something like “3%” is treacherously written in the upper right corner. Of course, this is not enough even to get to your destination, and you only have 20 minutes to get out. What to do? Let's not even discuss how not to get into such a situation, but how to get out of it.

How to quickly charge a smartphone?

Can I quickly charge my smartphone? Yes, but not like that.

Smartphone with fast charging

“Thank you Cap,” I want to say for this advice, but this is really important advice. Unfortunately, many, and I personally know examples, neglect first a smartphone with a fast charging function, and then, miraculously “bypassing these rocks,” a normal power adapter.

Even with a smartphone that can charge very quickly, they use a 1A power adapter, which nullifies the efforts of engineers. For this function to work, use only the original power adapter with high output power and amperage. This is the only way to maximize the potential inherent in the battery.

Moreover, this method will not harm the battery. Perhaps, its wear will be slightly higher, but so much that it can be neglected, especially against the background of obtaining such an advantage.

The advantage lies in the fact that, for example, the same OnePlus 7 Pro can be charged almost one hundred percent in the 20 minutes shown in the example. It is a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity.

Recently, many smartphones have a fast charging function. Even in the budget segment there are such models, just their speed will be lower than that of flagships, but higher than that of smartphones without such a function. With such smartphones (and with any others), you only need to use the original charger. The only manufacturer whose smartphones can quickly charge, but they do not have a powerful power adapter included, is Apple (I will not name another right off the bat). And then, in models iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, this issue is resolved.

How to quickly charge a smartphone?

iPhone 11 Pro Max – This smartphone can charge fast and does it out of the box.

Also, do not charge your smartphone from a computer. In most cases, the adapter will still be faster.

Good charging cable

From the above, we can conclude that the power adapter is the main thing for high-speed charging – but this is not the case. There is also a wire and here, too, the original one will be the best option.

One friend of mine complained to me that his smartphone is slowly charging. I took it to look, checked the connector, thinking that it was clogged with dust, but when I saw the cable, all the questions disappeared. It was a cable from an Alik for 100 rubles. As the classic said: 'He looked like the real thing, but didn't work.'

The charging speed of that cable was about three times slower than the charging speed of the original. This is due to the fact that it uses poor materials that have more resistance and simply cannot charge the smartphone quickly.

I do not urge you to buy cables from a smartphone manufacturer for 1000+ rubles. Just keep in mind that it must be from a reputable manufacturer. Better yet, look at how much the original costs. Perhaps it will be on sale or it just won't be very expensive. Especially, what has been said applies to expensive smartphones, because a penny cable can not only work badly, but also burn everything to hell. Take care of your smartphone.

How to quickly charge a smartphone?

Bad charging cables are the scourge of our time.

Charging in airplane mode

There is an opinion that you can charge your smartphone in airplane mode and from this it will charge faster. In fact, this is true, since many smartphones, when connected to the power supply, start to work in a less gentle mode, checking for updates and launching processes that do not work at normal times. Especially when it comes to syncing and uploading copies to the cloud.

When you switch to airplane mode, all these synchronizations are disabled and the smartphone spends less of the received charge, respectively, more is spent on charging the battery.

How to quickly charge a smartphone?

Airplane mode can increase charging speed very decently in some cases.

An even more effective way would be to completely disconnect the smartphone. This will really charge it better. True, some smartphones start to turn on themselves when connected to the power supply. In this case, you just need to change the sequence of actions and turn off the smartphone after connecting the wire to it.

Don't use wireless chargers

I was not very good at wireless charging before, but later changed my mind. It is really convenient when the smartphone is just lying on it during the day and charging. It just charges slowly.

Of course, almost everyone knows this, and one could not talk about it, but it's worth saying. Moreover, not everyone knows that the speed of even powerful wireless charging will be lower than the speed of charging over the wire.

How to quickly charge a smartphone?

Charging your smartphone in this way is convenient, but it certainly won't add speed.

Hence the conclusion, when you need to quickly charge your device, choose only the wire. As mentioned above, preferably original, but always good.

Replacing the battery in a smartphone

Another not obvious point for everyone, which will not help you quickly charge your smartphone instantly, but can help you in the future.

Monitor the condition of your device's battery. If it is worn out, it is worth considering replacing it or replacing the entire smartphone. In addition to the fact that such a battery will work worse, lose capacity and may simply turn off at the most inopportune moment due to the fact that the controller cannot control it normally, it will also charge more slowly.

If taken to an extreme, in some cases, with severe wear and tear, it can even explode while charging. Although, the likelihood of this, of course, is very small.

How to quickly charge the battery?

As you can see, fast charging a smartphone is much easier than it seems. You just have to keep an eye on your device and not consider yourself smarter than a manufacturer who takes a long time and carefully checks the characteristics of all components for their optimal work together.

Charge your smartphone on time, use original or just high-quality accessories and your smartphone will not let you down.

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