How to disinfect a smartphone from coronavirus?

To do this, it is enough to purchase antibacterial wipes that contain 70% isopropyl alcohol. Smartphone manufacturers recommend Clorox wipes. Do not forget that alcohol can negatively affect the oleophobic coating of the screen, however, when it comes to health, you should omit such nuances, because the smartphone is the main source of germs and bacteria. We advise you to make smooth movements on the screen when cleaning the phone so as not to damage the top layer and not to disturb the smooth sliding of your finger across the display.

How to disinfect a smartphone from coronavirus?

Do i need to wash my smartphone to protect myself from coronavirus? Sure! This is a mandatory procedure, since the phone is the main source of bacteria.

On March 11, the World Health Organization officially announced that the coronavirus is moving from epidemic to pandemic status. If you are wondering what the difference is between them, you can study the recent material from our colleagues from The announcement led to a significant drop in shares of companies around the world. For example, Aeroflot shares fell by more than 7% at once. The virus has become a real threat to all of humanity, and recently it has begun to actively spread in Russia, so it is worth taking certain measures now. In addition, we recommend that you study the material where our colleagues talk about what a 'coronavirus' is and how it is dangerous.

Frequent hand washing is one way to keep yourself safe. Don't be afraid to wash your hands immediately after you get home. No need to undress or go to dinner – go straight to the bathroom and wash your hands well in hot water! In addition, try to touch your face less, because the coronavirus can be on the surface for a day, and since our hands often come into contact with different objects, there is no need to risk it again. This is especially true for our smartphones, which are the main carriers of bacteria.

The telephone is our main enemy in the fight against coronavirus. The coronavirus is able to stay on the surface of the phone for 9 days. Now remember how often you have recently talked on the phone, bringing the device to your face. And we are about it! Smartphone, in contact with various surfaces, is our main enemy.

How to handle and how to wash a smartphone from coronavirus?

Apple recommends wiping your phone with antibacterial wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol. The company advises Clorox napkins. Samsung and other manufacturers do not give any recommendations on this issue yet. The problem is that rubbing alcohol can erase the oleophobic coating on your phone, but safety comes first.

How to disinfect a smartphone from coronavirus?

Try to wipe the device with disinfectants as often as possible

  • Take a tissue and wipe your phone screen thoroughly
  • Fold it up so the dirty side is on the inside and wipe the ends and back of the device
  • Repeat the operation 2 times using clean wipes to kill all bacteria and viruses on the surface of the device

Many people wonder if it is possible to disinfect a smartphone with vodka? It is possible, but there is little sense in this, because in order to kill viruses and microbes, it is necessary that the product contains 60% alcohol, while vodka contains only 40% alcohol. Of course, this is better than nothing at all, but the effectiveness of vodka will be extremely low.

But how do you know when it's time to disinfect your phone? You should clean the device after visiting public places, we advise you to wipe your phone 3 times a day – after coming to work, before lunch and after coming home. This will keep the device always clean. Another effective way to protect yourself from the coronavirus is to stop using your smartphone. Try to touch it as little as possible, this will minimize the risk of contracting a virus, even if the phone is not clean enough.

Don't give an elderly person's phone to children

Symptoms of the coronavirus in children are not very strong, in most cases the disease goes unnoticed by the parents, so try not to give the phone of an elderly person to your child, because he may be infected with the coronavirus. In addition, do not allow situations where a child and a person over 60-70 years old are in the same room at the same time, as there is a risk that the child can infect an elderly person.

How to disinfect a smartphone from coronavirus?

Don't be afraid to wipe your phone at work – it's not a shame!

Also, try not to give the device to other people. Even if we assume that you are using a medical mask – which will still not help you and will not protect you from the microparticles of the virus – there are often situations when the phone needs to be given to another person for a short time, try to avoid these situations in order to protect yourself from the virus.

According to statistics, 3-4% of those infected die from the coronavirus, mainly the elderly. In Italy, the mortality rate is much higher due to the fact that mainly the elderly live there. Therefore, it is worth doing the disinfection of your parents' smartphones, because they are the ones most at risk.

We propose to discuss the issue of proper disinfection of the phone in our chat.

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