How quarantine affected my plans to change my phone

We have already written more than once that now is not the time to buy a new smartphone if the new thing is on duty. Even of those who buy a smartphone instead of a broken one, most of them will not be chic and will just buy a communication device. This is due to the fact that the market is going through not the best times and people around the world have to lead a more modest lifestyle. Jobs are being cut, companies are no longer recruiting employees, and few are ready to continue to show off in such conditions. However, changing customer behavior is not just about buying something cheaper. There are other things that buyers pay attention to. But what is it?

How quarantine affected my plans to change my phone

Do I want to buy a smartphone?

Economic activity continues to decline following the impact of the coronavirus on society, which has left urban dwellers around the world at home. Everyone – from an ordinary employee to a director of a large corporation – should lead a more modest lifestyle. As to the extent to which all of this affects our desire to buy new smartphones, I would like to talk.

How phone makers are hit by the coronavirus

The smartphone industry has taken a double hit with the coronavirus. At first, China went into quarantine and the factories for the production of everything simply closed. Manufacturers were able to somehow compensate for part of this deficit at the expense of warehouse stocks, but this was clearly not enough.

The second blow was the cancellation of the largest exhibition of the mobile industry MWC 2020, at which many manufacturers wanted to show their products not only to buyers, but also to partners. Usually, as part of such events, a lot of meetings are held, which have a serious impact on sales.

How quarantine affected my plans to change my phone

When choosing a smartphone, look at the price and quality.

Then came the third blow. It was the massive closure of retail outlets, which led to the fact that buyers who somehow learned about the new products could not come and look at them. Of course, you can make a purchase via the Internet, but you always want to first look at what you are going to buy. Many people continued to buy anyway, since smartphones are now so similar that they can only be chosen by specs and price. If you like, say, Samsung, buying a new Samsung you won't go wrong – you will like it.

As a result, the first place when choosing a smartphone comes out how the manufacturer knows how to sell it. What matters is how he prepared the advertising materials, which component he made the key, which photos he posted, what he set the price and much more. The buyer will only be able to make a choice himself and whether you have a case that is at least three times pleasant to the touch, no one will buy it if you cannot convey to a person the sensations expected for him with photographs.

Seller tricks

It's no secret that manufacturers don't like it very much when a buyer, having read in articles like “Five inexpensive smartphones with a cool camera,” that you can not overpay for expensive bells and whistles, buy more affordable devices. Plus, in the store, you can sell a smartphone due to the WOW effect. For example, when you enter a company store Apple or Samsung, your eyes literally run up and you want to buy everything. Everything is so rightly arranged on the shelves and the surroundings are so well chosen. Even the so-called “corners” in shopping malls and large electronics stores are needed precisely in order to better sell goods in the conditions that the manufacturer's designers came up with.

How quarantine affected my plans to change my phone

Nice, but is he really needed?

And on the Internet, advertising greeters are not so actively working, which say that something new has come out and it must be bought. Moreover, as soon as the promotions end, new ones begin immediately. I just want to offer advertisers, write on the poster “buy soon, otherwise it will be even cheaper tomorrow.”

Additional information that can be obtained on the Internet is the specs of budget smartphones. That is, you can understand that the new super function of the flagship for $ 1000, in almost the same form, is in a smartphone that costs three times less. Well, or last year's flagship, which is sold at half price.

Will I buy a new phone

Now I use a smartphone that costs much more than a thousand dollars, and even has 512 GB of memory on board. But I can only say that in conditions of isolation, when there is nothing to photograph, all content is consumed from a computer or tablet, and show-off is not needed at all (although I did not suffer from this), I greatly revised my views on new smartphones.

I'm ready to go out and buy a new iPhone SE 2, as for $ 400 it's a great unit. I definitely won't buy the OnePlus 8 Pro, although I might have looked at it before. I even chose a few good smartphones for little money, but with a good camera and shared this collection with you.

Answer the question, are you ready to rethink your approach to buying smartphones? Especially against the background of the fact that I had to spend so much time in self-isolation and it is not yet known how long I will have to sit further.

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