How much RAM does a smartphone need? We help you decide.

You can often find discussion on the characteristics of smartphones on the Internet. The toughest battles usually take place over RAM and camera. Probably, the first is even more controversial. But who is right?

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

Why does a smartphone need a lot of RAM?

What is RAM?

Someone argues that the RAM should be at least 8 GB, others tell them that 2 GB is enough, but the most sensible prefer to stay at 4 GB or 6 GB and not overpay for numbers that not everyone can notice. Why is large memory so good? And why should you pay attention to it, but not chase the unattainable 12 GB or more? We will try to answer this question.

Roughly speaking, RAM is what allows a computer or smartphone to work fast and not load data from a not very fast permanent memory. More scientifically, the definition is as follows:

Unlike non-volatile permanent memory, the RAM depends on the power supplied to it. If the power is interrupted even for a minimum period of time, data in it may be corrupted or even lost. This is the flip side of its benefits.

In smartphones, RAM is active when the smartphone is running. The computers are designed to sleep and hibernate. The first allows you to put the computer into the minimum power consumption mode, and the second allows you to completely reload all the RAM data to a permanent drive and turn off the computer.

How much RAM should a smartphone have?

A common question when choosing a smartphone is: “Will XX GB of RAM be enough for that?” It is difficult to unequivocally answer this question, since in addition to the described task, smartphone owners often use others, without even knowing that they are even more demanding.

For example, a user says that he plays Asphalt 9 and uses instant messengers. However, he thinks that the game is demanding on memory, and the rest is not. He is not right.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

Almost everyone knows this game.

Messengers really do require a little memory. As a rule, the value does not exceed 200-300 MB. In turn, Asphalt 9 needs a little less than one gigabyte to work. About the same amount is needed for the browser to work. Many people forget about this and think that 2 GB, or even 1 GB in general, will be enough for them. The problem is that in addition to the given “consumers”, memory is required for the system itself.

The system can potentially consume as much RAM as it wants, if allowed to do so. In some cases, 12 GB will not be enough if you clog the RAM with unnecessary programs and processes. To avoid this, you just need to monitor the settings and installed applications.

However, we do not recommend using applications to speed up the smartphone and clear RAM. On the one hand, they can actually stop processes, but often the same processes are started again. As a result, we do not gain anything in terms of memory cleaning, but we clog it with a new demanding application.

Better to just go into settings and check how memory is being used. Below in the text I will write in detail how to do this.

Based on the above, we can conclude that if you do not want to buy an expensive device, the golden mean of the amount of RAM will be 4 GB. This is exactly the value that will be sufficient in the near future, but for which you will not have to overpay.

For example, a smartphone Honor 20 Lite with 4 GB of RAM can be bought several thousand cheaper than models with 6 GB of RAM. In addition, there will be 128 GB of permanent memory on board. This is truly one of the best indicators in its segment, and the smartphone is more the exception than the rule. Other models with this RAM / ROM pair will be more expensive.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

This smartphone is very interesting in terms of the ratio of characteristics.

Moreover, this smartphone also offers a 48 MP triple main camera, a 24 MP front camera, 18 W HONOR SuperCharge fast charging, a Kirin 710 processor and a 6.15-inch display with a resolution of 2312 by 1080 pixels. With this diagonal and narrow bezels, the pixel density reaches 415 dpi. It's even cooler than many smartphones claiming to be flagships. It's nice that the manufacturer did not skimp on the display, as competitors often do, opting for 720p screens.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

This is what a photo looks like in low light.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

And so at the room.

You could even say that with all these parameters, Honor 20 Lite is the best in its category. There are smartphones that can offer memory, a camera or a screen, but you have to choose one or the other. Here the manufacturer was able to put everything together and make a smartphone that combined it all under its stylish glass body.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

This case looks very good.

An important factor is the optimization of the smartphone. After all, many processes that take up RAM can be safely isolated from it. As a result, the smartphone will work at the same speed, but it will need much less RAM. Honor 20 Lite is an example of such smartphones.

Especially it will have to appeal to young people who want to buy a good smartphone, but do not want to pay big money for it. Honor 20 Lite is really a device that is pleasant to use and people are not ashamed to show it.

Nevertheless, even a good smartphone needs to periodically clean its memory. Therefore, let's talk about how to do this.

How do I clear RAM?

To clear the RAM, you can advise a simple tool. You just need to give up demanding applications. Of course, this is not always easy to do, and in this case, other steps would be the best option.

The first step is to reduce the number of widgets that constantly update data and hang in RAM. At the same time, you will save the battery by abandoning them. It is worth getting away from video wallpaper, which also “eat up” RAM. After these operations, the difference will already be visible, but there is one more remedy.

Apps that you haven't used for a long time can also consume RAM. It is better to delete them if you do not need them, at least temporarily. There are system applications that cannot be removed, but they also have control over them. To do this, go to “Settings”, then “Apps and notifications”, then “View all applications”. Now you can select the desired (or rather, unnecessary) application and click “disable”.

To find out which applications consume memory, you can go to the settings, go to the “About phone” section and tap the “Build number” field several times. After that, go back one menu item, open “Developer settings” and then go to “Memory”. There you will receive all the information you need.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

Tap here several times.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

Switch to developer mode.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?  We help you decide.

See the 'Memory' section.

All these procedures in combination will significantly reduce the use of RAM, and therefore save money by buying a less expensive smartphone. After all, it is better to spend money not on RAM, which the system will “gobble up and not choke,” but, say, on a good camera and more internal memory to store photos.

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