How much can you? Huawei just started releasing old smartphones under the guise of new ones

Until the US imposed sanctions Huawei, I was practically not interested in her, and her only product that I dealt with was a modem – just not to lie – 15 years ago. However, the conflict with the superpower added points to the Chinese in my eyes, and I began to follow much more closely what she was doing, and then I bought one of their smartphones for personal use. For some reason it seemed to me that it would be right to support the company, which is being drowned by everyone who can. After all, these guys probably know what to do. But, as it turned out, not quite.

How much can you?  Huawei just started releasing old smartphones under the guise of new ones

It seems Huawei has lost her way and doesn't know where to go next

Despite the fact that Huawei was deprived of the ability to use Google services, the general legal principle that the law does not have retroactive effect allowed the Chinese company to bypass this restriction. That is, all smartphones that came out before the entry into force of the sanctions were out of the ban. Huawei took advantage of this and started certifying new smartphones under the codenames of old ones that still have a license for Google services. Well, cool! Who else could have thought of such a thing and outwitted the search giant?

How Huawei is fooling Google

How much can you?  Huawei just started releasing old smartphones under the guise of new ones

Huawei 9X became the first smartphone that Huawei spent on someone else's documents

Yes, this Huawei required keeping the original smartphone processor and a number of other components. For example, if the original device did not support NFC, then the updated one cannot have its support either. But with the amount of built-in and RAM, a camera and even more design, you could play as you like. As a result, in such a way, the Chinese released first Huawei 9X and 9X Pro, which they conducted according to documents as Huawei P Smart Z, and then, realizing that this could be done not only with state employees, switched on the flagships.

This week Huawei took and re-released the entire line Huawei P30, adding the New Edition postscript to the original name of each of the three smartphones of the lineup. Probably, you say, the company has carried out a redesign, improved the photo-capabilities of the devices, or installed an increased capacity battery? Unfortunately, none of this happened. The Chinese were even too lazy to change something in the appearance of the old new devices. All they were limited to was a change in the amount of built-in memory. If earlier buyers of the P30 and P30 Pro had a choice of 128 or 512 GB, now it is only 256 GB, but the price has dropped to $ 859 for the older model. In the case of the P30 Lite, no changes happened at all.

Why don't they buy smartphones Huawei

How much can you?  Huawei just started releasing old smartphones under the guise of new ones

Huawei P30 New Edition is the same as the regular P30, but cheaper due to reduced memory size

I understand why this is needed. Huawei in the absence of the ability to release new smartphones with Google services, it is trying to somehow maintain the demand for its products. After all, Mate 30, P40 and Honor View 30 are devices for a very limited circle of buyers. These will be either fans or completely random people who know little about modern smartphones, who will surely be disappointed when they learn that their new outfit is defective Android, and download WhatsApp and Instagram without dancing with A tambourine will not work for them.

In my opinion, you can re-release one smartphone, two, well, a maximum of three. However Huawei apparently decided to put this poisonous practice on stream. After all, if at first it looked bold, because the Chinese were able to plug the US and Google into the belt of restrictions, now it looks like an anecdote that is told several times in a row. Yes, at first he amused everyone, but if you listen to it 10 times in a row, you start to feel nauseous – not so much from the anecdote itself, but from the narrator, who just can't figure out that it's time to shut up.

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