Honor is preparing to launch a new line of phones. Why would they?

Smartphones Honor were once insanely popular in the world in general and in Russia in particular. After the well-known events, sad for the company Huawei and not very happy for the entire industry, interest in smartphones of these brands began to fall. For a while, the company remained afloat, re-releasing older, more expensive models in a line of cheaper ones. So more or less managed to stay afloat and sell competitive smartphones with Google services on board. But sooner or later it had to end and now it is necessary to release new smartphones already under the sanctions. This is normal for China, since nothing has changed for this market, but other users have to be surprised. The company has now launched a new line of smartphones. What will it give them?

Honor is preparing to launch a new line of phones.  Why would they?

Perhaps the new Honor X10 will look like this, but that's not certain.

When will Honor X10 come out

HONOR plans to release the new HONOR X10 smartphone on May 20. The company has confirmed this via Weibo and also confirmed that the device will support 5G. This phone will soon be officially sold only in China. While there is no information on distribution to other markets, it is likely that it will appear soon.

This is almost all that HONOR showed in its small teaser, but if you think a little, analyze and remember other information, you can name some additional specifications. It helps us that the HONOR X10 was recently TENAA certified, so we know what to expect at launch.

The HONOR X10 will be released later this month and we already have some information. Based on TENAA reports, the HONOR X10 will be a mid-range smartphone. The device will be made of metal and glass and will have a rather large camera module on the back.

Specifications Honor 10X

The camera module will be located in the upper left corner, and it will include four sensors at once. Of course, the module will perform, but in itself this does not mean that the quality of the images will be good. However, Honor with photos is usually fine.

In front, the device will have a flat display, and its physical keys will be on the left. Interestingly, as on more expensive models, a fingerprint scanner will be installed on the side. It will be built into the Power button and the volume buttons will be above it. Personally, I have always liked this option much more than placing the scanner in other places, especially on the back wall.

Honor is preparing to launch a new line of phones.  Why would they?

There will definitely be a brand name on the back wall. Where without it.

The smartphone will be powered by a 64-bit eight-core Kirin 820 processor and will support 5G. The screen will have a diagonal of 6.63 inches. The resolution will be 2400 by 1080 pixels. It will not be OLED, but IPS.

It is not yet clear what cameras will be installed in the new smartphone. In order to clarify this point, it will be necessary to wait for the official release date – May 20. But now we can assume that the battery will have a capacity of 4,200 mAh. and support 22.5W fast wired charging. Since the case will be metal, you should not expect wireless charging to appear in the new product.

TENAA also revealed the dimensions of this device. The HONOR X10 will measure 163.7 x 76.5 x 8.8mm. The exact weight is still unknown, but it is unlikely that it will be very different from what is found in other smartphones of this size.

The smartphone is completely new, and therefore it will be released without Google services. This is, of course, a problem, but it will work out of the box on Android 10 with the proprietary shell EMUI 10. This will be the case in all markets in which it will be sold.

Honor is preparing to launch a new line of phones.  Why would they?

Smartphones Honor have always had bold designs. Most likely this time everything will be in the best traditions.

How much Honor changed the name of the phone

The naming of the smartphone looks a little strange, since before that there were models in the lineup Honor 9X, Honor 8X and so on. Now “X” has moved to the beginning and, most likely, the company just decided to mark the round number in the model. Well, and at the same time show that this is something new. Although, we can still assume that such a shift was made in order to avoid confusion among buyers, who will choose between Honor X10 and Redmi 10X, the release of which is often mentioned in our Telegram- chat. Sometimes there is a feeling that there are too few characters in the alphabet and a number series so as not to overlap.

With regard to the price, it can be assumed that it will be the same as Honor 9X – 1,000 yuan (approximately 10,500 rubles). More detailed information, again, we will learn only at the presentation, which will take place on May 20.

Will it be possible to buy Honor X10 in Russia

It can be assumed that if a novelty enters the world market, it will not do so immediately, but only after a while. Perhaps within a month or a little later. We have already encountered this practice when launching other models of the brand. This time the situation may repeat itself. However, after the official arrival of Honor X10 to Russia, the price can rise to 13-15 thousand rubles. For that kind of money, it will still be attractive, but if you raise the price higher, then in the absence of Google services, few people will want to buy it. Although, this also needs to be checked in practice. The market is sometimes very unpredictable.

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