Honor 30 Pro officially presented, but no miracle happened

I will not deceive myself or you. Every time I wait for a presentation Huawei or Honor with a timid hope – what if this time they say from the stage “sanctions have been lifted from us” or “now everything on Google Play is available in AppGallery ”. Even in this wording, it will be very cool. But a miracle does not happen, and every time representatives of the Chinese company report on a small victory, such as supporting a new application or service. Of course, that's good too, but it's a shame that this happens when manufacturers make really cool smartphones. It happened this time as well. New smartphones of the series Honor 30 were shown today. The smartphones themselves are a breakthrough. The rest is a failure.

Honor  30 Pro officially presented, but no miracle happened

The picture is beautiful. The phone isn't bad either.

Honor introduced a new phone

A few weeks ago Honor launched a smartphone Honor 30s. As with the Huawei P40 Lite, it was the harbinger of the upcoming flagship. At the same time, he himself is a relatively inexpensive device, but logically complements the lineup.

Today smartphones were officially presented Honor 30, Honor 30 Pro and … Yes, where without it – Honor 30 Pro Plus. Somewhere we already saw this a couple of weeks ago.

Traditionally, the Honor 30 line puts a lot of emphasis on photo and video shooting capabilities. Sometimes it seems to me that, according to manufacturers, we don't need anything else from a smartphone. Of course, we only take out a smartphone to take a photo. Okay, for some it is, but for most it is not.

I am glad that at least a lot of attention was paid to the design. The smartphone comes in several interesting colors. Although the rear is very suspiciously similar to the Huawei P40 series.

Specifications Honor 30

All three smartphones have laser focusing and nearly maximum level hardware. In particular, the two older models are equipped with the Kirin 990 chipset, and the simpler Honor 30 got a simpler, but still new, Kirin 985. It is also built on a 7-nm process technology and allows working in networks 5G

Honor The 30 Pro Plus has a 50MP camera with a Sony IMX700 sensor and a two-cell yellow RYYB filter. This whole bundle should work well in the dark, but it still needs to be checked.

In addition to the main camera module, there are two more additional ones – a perescope for zoom and an ultra-wide-angle one with a resolution of 16 megapixels. As a result, the smartphone has 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom.

Honor  30 Pro officially presented, but no miracle happened

Interesting design of one of the models.

Honor 30 Pro equipped with a conventional sensor, periscope and ultra-wide lens. The maximum resolution is 40 megapixels. The regular Honor 30 has a similar design, but the characteristics of some modules are weaker. All three phones have a 2MP depth sensor as the fourth module.

Both Pro versions are equipped with OLED – a waterfall display. The Pro Plus has a 6.57-inch screen Full HD + with a 90Hz refresh rate. The regular Pro is the same size and resolution, but the refresh rate isn't as fast. The regular Honor 30 has a smaller 6.53-inch screen Full HD without a high refresh rate.

The battery capacity of all models is 4000 mAh. I wish there was more, but the 40W fast charging fixes things up a bit. As with the OnePlus 8 Pro presented yesterday, fast wireless charging is available only in the top version. Here at 27 watts.

How much does Honor 30 Pro cost and when will it go on sale

Unfortunately, the models have so far been presented only in the Chinese market. In Russia, the official presentation should take place at the end of May.

As for the prices, at the moment for the basic Honor 30 with 6/128 GB memory they ask for 2,999 yuan (approximately $ 425 or 32,000 rubles). If this is not enough for you, then the 8/128 GB version will cost 3,199 yuan (approximately $ 450 or 33,500 rubles).

Honor  30 Pro officially presented, but no miracle happened

These are the colors for Honor 30.

Honor 30 Pro comes with only 8 GB of RAM, and for 128 and 256 GB of internal memory they will ask for 3,999 yuan (approximately $ 565 or 42,000 rubles) and 4,399 yuan (approximately $ 620 or 46,500 rubles), respectively .

The most expensive Honor 30 Pro Plus. He only has the 8/256 GB version and it will cost 4,999 yuan (approximately $ 708 or 53,000 rubles).

These prices are much nicer than yesterday's OnePlus 8, but there is one very big “BUT”.

Cons Honor 30

The biggest drawback will be where I started this article. None of these smartphones work with Google services. This is really very disappointing, since in general the devices turned out to be quite good.

On the other hand, they will definitely find their buyer in China. First of all, due to the fact that in this country Google does not work anyway, so nothing has changed for the locals. It will be difficult for the company in the international markets, but if prices are lower and by that time something has changed in the infrastructure, the situation will be better. Unfortunately, those few months when it was possible to sell overfulfilled versions of flagships under the guise of new mid-range smartphones are over. Now it's time to show something new. But the new thing is still going different ways with Google.

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