Google wants to make 'Nexus' for the poor. Almost

Despite all its advantages, Google Pixel smartphones are not perfect. The high price, the obvious overkill of functionality that is corny inapplicable in everyday life, and, of course, the limited availability make them far from the best choice. I have already explained that Google needs to change its approach to remedy the situation by increasing the demand for branded devices. But, most likely, the company considers this method too simple, and therefore decided to revive the idea underlying the Nexus smartphones. Partially.

Google wants to make 'Nexus' for the poor.  Almost

The idea of ​​releasing smartphones with a third-party manufacturer still does not leave Google

If you thought Google was about to resume production of the Nexus line, then you are wrong. The company decided to revive just the idea itself, which is to launch the release of smartphones in cooperation with some manufacturer who already has a recognizable image and a fairly wide audience. Thus, Google would be able to gain a foothold in the market with minimal promotional costs that its partner would undertake, not to mention the fact that it would allow it to provide serious sales at the very start.

Cheap smartphone from Google

Google wants to make 'Nexus' for the poor.  Almost

Now most Indians use these push-button devices with Ka iOS

True, this time Google decided to unite in a pilot project not with HTC or Huawei, but with the operator from India Jio. The Indian market is of great importance for the search giant, but branded smartphones of the brand are not particularly popular there due to the high price. Apple realized this earlier and set up production in India first iPhone 6, and then iPhone 6s, setting them an acceptable price. Therefore, it is logical that Google, having discerned the success of a competitor, decided to use a win-win option.

It is not known whether the smartphones that Google and Jio will produce as part of the joint project will enjoy the same benefits as the Google Pixel devices. After all, the main goal of the companies is simply to lure the Indian audience, which will not be so easy given the negative experience of Android Go. Despite the efforts of vendors from the Middle Kingdom, trying to crush this market for themselves, only 25% of Indians have smartphones. All the rest use push-button telephones, most of which run on the Ka operating system iOS.

Key phones on Android

Google wants to make 'Nexus' for the poor.  Almost

Button Android? Why not

It is logical that those who have never owned a smartphone will first of all pay attention not to the brand or support, but to the price. Therefore, according to researchers Counterpoint Research, retail devices Google-Jio should arrive in the region of $ 100-120. Otherwise, it will be difficult to nudge users accustomed to Ka iOS to buy something new. After all, now they have no reason to change anything, because Ka iOS supports YouTube, WhatsApp, and much more.

In this regard, I would not rule out that Google may launch the release of push-button phones at Android. At least the company already had such a project. About a year ago, spy photos and videos with reviews of Nokia phones with an adapted version Android began to appear on the web. It allowed interaction with all applications and services of the search giant, but it did not support touch control. However, in this case, fans of Ka iOS will have no sense at all in a transplant. Therefore, it would be more logical to give them full-fledged smartphones, which then – you see – would spread to the rest of the world.

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