Google to release new Chromecast Ultra based on Android TV

I don’t know about you, but lately I have been very actively using set-top boxes like Google Chromecast and Apple TV 4K. They seem to me to be just a great way to consume video content, whether it's broadcasting, services, or just mirroring content from a smartphone. I have a couple of these devices and sometimes I even connect them to TVs that already have a SmartTV function. It's just more convenient than using the standard functions. Now there is information that many have been waiting for. Google releases new Chromecast. The question is what it will be and what functions it will have. After all, we do not want it to be worse than the previous one. Do you agree?

Google to release new Chromecast Ultra based on Android TV

Chromecast is a great device. What's even nicer is its low price.

What will the new Chromecast look like

According to, citing sources familiar with Google's plans, the company is indeed planning to release a second generation Chromecast Ultra based on Android TV. The launch will take place this year. I can assume that we will be told about it at the same time as the new Google Pixel. It is possible that an earlier launch was also planned within the framework of the Google I / O developer conference, which was canceled due to the acceleration in the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, which is now sweeping the planet and has already broken out of China, infecting more than 115,000 people in the world. . At the same conference, we were supposed to be shown the Google Pixel 4A, which, however, we already know a lot about.

If you believe the information received, the device will have a familiar form factor and will be connected directly to the HDMI connector of the TV, without long wires and removal of the device. True, it should receive an important addition, which will be the remote control. The device itself received the codename “sabrina”.

The gadget will support 4K HDR content, which in our time is no longer even a gold standard, but literally a necessity. To connect to external devices, as before, Bluetooth and WiFi will be used.

Remote for Chromecast

The external remote, which we mentioned above, will control the device and will be somewhat similar to the remote from Apple TV. It would be illogical to assume that it won't have Google Assistant. To implement it, there is a special button and a microphone for dictating commands. This can be found in various consoles, for example, in the same Apple TV and Mi BOX from Xiaomi.

In addition, a pleasant and important feature of the remote control will be its ability to program it to your TV to control it. This will be very useful, as it will allow you to control the entire system from one remote control.

Google to release new Chromecast Ultra based on Android TV

Externally, the devices will differ something like this.

In terms of design, it will change slightly relative to the third generation Chromecast, sold since 2018. The novelty will have smoother shapes and rounded edges. The top panel will have the traditional Google “G” logo. There is nothing more to say about the design of the miniature device.

Device on Android TV

If the leak does not lie and everything goes as we were told, we will get a full-fledged device on Android TV, which will be able to replace many other devices for users and will allow users to use cool services on TV. Among them can and should be the likes of YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney +, Hulu and many more.

There is no information on the prices of the proposed novelty yet, as there is no date for its release. So far, we have only the assumptions expressed at the beginning of the article.

What do I think of the Chromecast Ultra

On my own I can add that I'm not sure if I want to go out and buy this device. On the other hand, if the price is reasonable, then in order not to run my Chromecast from TV to TV, I could buy it.

First of all, I am attracted to it by the possibility of using the remote control and the presence in this remote control of features that make it very versatile. If all this happens, I will be satisfied and will recommend the gadget for purchase. After a little testing, of course.

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