Huawei is preparing three new products and may show them on September 10

Not everyone knows about it, but there are a lot of products in the model range Huawei. Of course, it is not Xiaomi that taught us that you can equip a house so that every thing will have its logo. However, Huawei is also a Chinese company that is active in the domestic market. Only smartphones (and not all of them), laptops, tablets and literally a few other accessories are delivered to Russia and other countries. Now there is information that the company will show us new products in two weeks, which may be sold in international markets. At least, all the hints that are on the posters of the event speak about this. Let's solve this puzzle and understand what to expect.


Presentations Huawei are always interesting.

What Huawei will show at the presentation

I must say right away that you shouldn't count on the appearance of a new Huawei Mate 40. It will definitely come out, but a little later. A separate presentation will surely be devoted to this, since such a product cannot be presented “at the same time”.

The event, which became known, will be held within the framework of the developer conference Huawei Developer Conference 2020. It starts on September 10 and it is on this date that the presentation is scheduled, according to the posters, which hint at new products. This behavior is logical, because many who hold such conferences do this.

For example, Apple at WWDC tells not only about new products in the field of software, but also no, no, and will show something from the “hardware”. True, sometimes they have to wait a long time, but these are details. In the end, it's far from certain that Huawei won't say something like “will be on sale in a month”. Although, judging by the products, you won't have to wait that long.

New items Huawei

Upcoming presentation poster Huawei.

As seen in the poster posted at Twitter by @ RODENT950, there are three images that are hints at new products. The first is a laptop with a cross, the second is a watch face, and the third is a sound wave.

New laptop Huawei MateBook X

It is logical to assume that a laptop with a cross may be a new Huawei MateBook X. And here it is not worth remembering that the company has already announced the MateBook X 2020, because this model works on Intel. Knowing Huawei, most likely there will be a Ryzen version, which they can announce at the conference.

The notebook business has become more than just one business for the company. After its smartphones began to experience serious sanctions pressure, the company has to get out. Therefore, it became a very good idea for her to create her own cool computer, which in the future will become part of a strong infrastructure Huawei. With such a product, she can not only make money to survive the crisis, but also diversify her business. It turns out some solid pros for the future.

Huawei MateBook X Pro

I used this Huawei MateBook X Pro for about a month and was satisfied with everything except the price.

New smart watch Huawei Watch

The second image shows the watch face. This is an even more transparent allusion to the emergence of a new product. It is unlikely that we will be shown Huawei Watch GT 3, but Huawei Watch Fit and Watch GT 2 Pro may well. Moreover, it was previously reported that the first will be announced in September, and the second will be launched along with the Mate 40 series. From this we can conclude that September 10 is indeed a great date for the presentation of Watch Fit and Watch GT 2 Pro.

The other day we wrote that Huawei entered the TOP-3 world manufacturers of smart watches, ahead of Samsung. It has nearly doubled its market share to a 9 percent market share, second only to Garmin with roughly the same score Apple, which sells more than half of all smartwatches worldwide. Against this background, the release of a new model would be very helpful.

Huawei Watch GT 2

With the release of this Huawei Watch GT, the manufacturer did everything to correct the mistakes of the first model, and he succeeded.

New column Huawei

Finally, the third image shows the sound wave. We do not have a clear understanding of what it will be, but with a high degree of probability we can count on a new speaker with a voice assistant.

In addition, there is a possibility that the company will finally announce the launch of the portable Bluetooth – speaker Huawei FreeGo, which was first talked about back in June this year. If everything goes exactly like this and we are shown one of these columns, then the company will perfectly tighten its infrastructure of gadgets. You understand that now a company that does not make its own speakers (preferably smart ones) is considered, if not second-rate, then at least a little lagging behind.

There is a possibility that, in addition to the speakers, or maybe instead of them, Huawei will announce the launch of its new music service, but for now it is not worth talking about it, since it simply does not need it at this stage of its development.

Column Huawei

Huawei simply has to make columns.

New items Huawei

You should not count on anything outside the listed products. Some little things, like new portable modems and external batteries, can be shown at the presentation Huawei of the Mate 40. If this is something smaller in terms of accessories, then it is not worth wasting presentation time at all and talk about it. It's easier to run it on the site and users will see everything for themselves.

The presentation of the products that the poster is hinting at seems very interesting and intriguing. Although, when a company overcomes difficulties, it is always interesting, because every step is given to it with difficulty and can be a step into the abyss. Then everyone chooses for himself what to expect. Some wonder whether it will fall, while others think whether it will get out. What option are you for? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

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