Google has cut the price of the Pixel 4 by almost half. What happened?

Google Pixel smartphones usually generate a lot of interest from users. Primarily due to the fact that any smartphone, if not this one, can be called an embodiment Android. Only he has exclusive functions, only he gets updates for several years and only he uses all Google services to the fullest. On the other hand, there are users who say that it is very expensive, that for this money you can buy OnePlus or the top Xiaomi. There will also be left for accessories. Now Google has cut the price of the flagship Google Pixel 4 by almost half. It is too early to sell out the “old model”, as the Google Pixel 5 will not be released until this fall. But then why is this happening and is it possible to buy the device so cheaply?

Google has cut the price of the Pixel 4 by almost half.  What happened?

This smartphone is very controversial.

Google Pixel 4 sale

Google does not hide the fact that the number of sales of the brand's devices decreased in the last quarter of 2019. The company reported this in February this year. The drop in sales happened despite the fact that the last quarter of the year has traditionally high sales, which was caused by the holidays. People buy smartphones, speakers and accessories as gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

In part due to declining sales and market tensions, Google has decided to cut prices for its flagship devices, the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL. The discount is $ 300. With the Google Pixel 4 priced at $ 799, smartphones are handed out for almost half the price. The discount is not 10, 15, or 20 percent, but almost 40 percent. This is a lot and not like the simple sale that resellers occasionally have.

True, this is not exactly a price cut. More precisely, a decrease, but temporary. The discount will be valid until May 9, 2020. At the same time, it applies only to smartphones Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL without binding to the operator.

In terms of exact pricing for the models, they'll be $ 499 for the 64GB Google Pixel 4 and $ 599 for the 128GB version. At the same time, Google Pixel 4 XL sells for $ 599 with 64 GB of memory, and if you want to have 128 GB, then you will have to pay $ 699. Now this is the maximum cost of smartphones in this line. In normal times, each version costs $ 300 more.

Google has cut the price of the Pixel 4 by almost half.  What happened?

The discount is very good.

Google Pixel discounts

Similar discounts can now be found at other sellers in the United States, not just in the official store. True, sometimes they sell Google equipment at great discounts and at normal times. For example, at the end of last year, Verizon was selling the Google Pixel 4 at a deep discount, but not all models.

Big discounts on Google Pixel 3 last year started much later. At the end of July 2019, just a couple of months before the next generation was introduced. Then everyone was given a discount of $ 200 on any model, and with a special promo code, one could buy a smartphone for $ 300 cheaper.

In August 2019, all buyers were already given a $ 300 discount. The question is what we'll see this year and whether the Pixel 4 will follow the same trend. If yes, then in the summer the prices for it can become very attractive.

This decision looks a little strange against the background of the Google Pixel 4a coming out soon. When it comes out, the price should be around $ 400-500. If a new product appears before discounts run out, the choice of buyers will be obvious. I would definitely buy a Google Pixel 4.

When Google Pixel 4a arrives

We already wrote that the Google Pixel 4a will be released in the near future and there are already photos of the boxes that could have been taken in stores. If this is true, then smartphones should appear very soon.

Google has cut the price of the Pixel 4 by almost half.  What happened?

This is what the Google Pixel 4a might look like.

Comparing this information with the emerging discounts for flagships and the fact that they will last until May 9 this year, one of two conclusions can be drawn.

In the first case, Google Pixel 4a will be released after May 9, 2019. But then the market might be saturated with the regular Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL. As a result, the a-model can show very low sales.

The second option is more interesting. It lies in the fact that the novelty will be much more interesting than the flagship and at the same price it will attract more attention.

I wonder how things really are. I am more than convinced that Google knows what it is doing, and it certainly has more information than all of us put together. That is why the ongoing sale is of great interest and allows you to fantasize about the further development of events.

When the Google Pixel 4a comes out, and when the new discounts on cool smartphones start, you'll find out from our Telegram news channel.

Google Pixel vs OnePlus

Another option for the emergence of discounts may be the release of OnePlus, which will be really expensive this year, but its characteristics will be significantly better than that of the Google Pixel 4. Especially in the maximum configuration, which will cost about $ 900.

Against the background of such rivalry, discounts are becoming even more relevant. Even if the discounts affect Google Pixel 4a sales, it might still be the lesser evil. Let Google lose on this smartphone, but win against OnePlus.

Google Pixel 4a will find its buyer yet. Especially if the rumors are confirmed and the Google Pixel 5 does not receive the Snapdragon 865. Let's see what happens. An interesting year awaits us.

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