Google closes Google Play Music, but continues to charge money for subscriptions

I have always valued Google for its boldness. Unlike most competitors, who are trying to 'pull' failed projects on themselves to the last, the search giant refuses without unnecessary sentimentality that which oppresses either him or his customers. As a result of late Google experiments, so much has accumulated that someone even created a virtual cemetery, where they posted information about all the endeavors that the company was forced to curtail. Soon, as we remember, they will be joined by the music streaming service Google Play Music, from whose users Google decided to finally rip off the money for the subscription. Apparently for a funeral.

Google closes Google Play Music, but continues to charge money for subscriptions

Google Play Music closes, but continues to bring money

Despite the official announcement of the imminent closure of Google Play Music, which Google made last week, subscribers are massively reporting that the company regularly continues to write off subscription fees. Yes, the company has not announced a specific date for the termination of the service, so it is possible that it will continue to operate for another month, two or three. But, be that as it may, I am absolutely sure that it is extremely indecent to continue demanding money from people for, in fact, a rolled-up product.

Google Play Music subscription

Google closes Google Play Music, but continues to charge money for subscriptions

In an amicable way, Google should have canceled the Play Music subscription altogether for the remaining period

It is not yet clear how the situation around Google Play Music will develop. After all, Google refused to disclose any information not only about the timing of the official closure of the service, but also about the possibility of transferring the subscription, which can be bought from some for a year in advance. However, anyone who is friendly with logic should understand that the period when subscribers massively migrate to YouTube Music should be free for them. After all, they stop using the original platform, not of their own free will, but at the behest of Google, which has decided to keep the transition losses to a minimum.

I have no doubt that Google will agree to credit the remaining Google Play Music subscription time on YouTube Music. Another question is when will this test start? Now users have already been given the opportunity to start transferring their tracks to a new site, and therefore it is logical to assume that many of those who have already carried out the transfer will not return to Google Play Music again. And why, if the songs were transferred, and the old service is closed? But it was not there. It is obvious that Google will continue to charge the subscription fee for Google Play Music, compensating users only for the time they have left at the time of the actual closure of the service.

How to Transfer Music from Google Play Music

  • To transfer your tracks from Google Play Music, download the YouTube Music app;
  • Log in with your Google account and click on the 'Transfer to YouTube Music' interface button (may not be available in some regions yet);

  • Confirm the transfer of tracks from Google Play Music and wait for the end of synchronization;
  • If you wish, you can simply follow this link and confirm the transfer (not yet available in Russia).
  • After transferring your audio library to YouTube Music, remember to go to Google Play Music settings and cancel your subscription.

Is this behavior acceptable? I don't think so. After all, even if Google Play Music did not officially close until the end of the summer, Google clearly wouldn't be impoverished by giving users the option of not paying for the remainder of the period. Moreover, the official representatives of the company promised that they would allow subscribers of the service to 'safely transfer' their entire audio library to YouTube Music. But, as it turned out, calm does not mean 'free', since for any comfort, and calmness can be attributed to such amenities, you need to pay, which is what Play Music subscribers actually do.

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