Five phones Xiaomi, which I will not buy and advise you

My attitude towards products Xiaomi cannot be called sharply negative. Rather, I would say it is moderately skeptical. In general, the company produces good devices, but something is missing from them. The only exceptions concern smart home, where the company really makes progress and often outperforms competitors. Although, “Chinese bloopers” are also found. As for the phones, there are also questions for them, but you can write a separate article about this, and someday I will. Now I would like to tell you about five phones that I definitely would not buy if I was going to choose something from Xiaomi.

Five phones Xiaomi, which I will not buy and advise you

There are models Xiaomi that I am not ready to buy at all. They just aren't worth their money.

Which models Xiaomi are not worth buying and why

Some models did not immediately raise any questions for me that I should not buy them. Others sometimes could still make them doubt, but I analyzed their characteristics and realized that they also fall into my black list. Or, as it is now correct to say in light of what is happening in the United States, to my blocked list.

PocoPhone F1 – nedoflagman

This smartphone, which can be bought now for 13-16 thousand rubles and which many call the killer of flagships, I would rather call a nedoflagman.

Five phones Xiaomi, which I will not buy and advise you

PocoPhone F1.

On the one hand, it is very tempting to get a smartphone with a top-end processor, albeit two years ago, but apart from this processor, the phone has absolutely nothing. Saved on wireless charging, NFC, normal display and more. But on the spot there is an archaic cutout, for which every time you get iPhone, and a plastic case, which is scratched just like a cheap Highscreen. Even the camera of this smartphone shoots in such a way that it would be better not to shoot. Many budget models in this price range will take photos just as well.

If we're talking about Xiaomi, then Mi 9T will be better. He has at least a normal camera and NFC.

Xiaomi Mi 10 – expensive and stupid

There is another smartphone that raises a lot of doubts, but this time not the functions with which everything is fine, but the price. If you want to buy an official Xiaomi Mi 10 in Russia, think about whether you made the right decision.

Five phones Xiaomi, which I will not buy and advise you

Everything would be fine, but the price …

In our country, it costs 70,000 rubles. For this money, you can buy at least several much more attractive models. Even the OnePlus 8, whose price has not been criticized by anyone, myself included, looks like a much more attractive option.

Even our subscribers Instagram, after we posted the price of this smartphone there, pounced on it with their own wave of criticism. Please note, fair criticism. What is “top for your money”, if it really is top, but for the money of the rest of the top. For this money I would rather take Samsung or last year's Huawei P30 Pro for 40,000 rubles with Google services. Even iPhone 11 looks much more interesting value for money.

Redmi Go is what?

A good machine will not be named with the prefix “Go”. I would not advise anyone to buy it. If you really want to meet this budget, then you better buy Redmi 7a, which will be a little more expensive, but already much better. At the very least, it will have more memory, a more efficient processor and a third more capacious battery.

Five phones Xiaomi, which I will not buy and advise you

Too weak Redmi Go.

You will get all this together by paying 500-1000 rubles. Although, it seems to me, even for the same money, some Jinga or BQ will be better. If you buy a phone for a child, then the option may not be bad, although there is also a choice, but for myself for every day I would not recommend this device as the main phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 – who needs it?

It so happened that when Redmi Note 8 came out, users realized that no one needed it. Of the differences from the previous model, it had only an extra camera module and a slightly more powerful new generation processor.

Five phones Xiaomi, which I will not buy and advise you

Better Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Nobody wanted to overpay for minimal differences, and the company, as is sometimes the case, released an update to the model with the index T. Redmi Note 8T really looks more interesting, having received NFC and something like fast charging. Here it can still be considered for purchase, but definitely not the usual eight.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

In the end, let's talk again about relatively expensive smartphones. Many people know and praise Mi Note 10. It costs about 28-30 thousand rubles and for this money it is really very good. But he has an older brother, who received the postscript “Pro” in the title. Here there will be much more questions and criticism from my side.

Five phones Xiaomi, which I will not buy and advise you

When choosing between Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro, you need to understand what you are willing to overpay for.

First of all, it costs already under 40,000 rubles, which is 10,000 rubles more, but the difference between them is so minimal that it could be estimated at a maximum of 3,000 rubles. All differences relate to a slightly redesigned camera and more memory.

All other specs are completely identical and overpay if you do not need 256 GB of memory, personally I would definitely not and would not advise you either. A lot of memory is good, but it turns out that Xiaomi takes much more for it than even Apple. Anyway, for 40,000 rubles you can buy a lot of good devices. So forget about Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro.

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