Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

It has long been the norm among modern phones to be reliable. Although, where are they to the legendary hero of memes – Nokia 3310? Nevertheless, new items show off to those who have stronger glass, a stronger frame and a higher degree of water resistance. Swimming with such smartphones is not worth it, but in a normal situation, such protection can come in handy. As the saying goes, there are two types of people: some have dropped the phone into the toilet, and the second have not yet. Friends, acquaintances and just readers often ask us which smartphone to buy with water protection. Which is safer, which is better, which is cheaper? Let's discuss this issue. This will be useful not only for those who are already choosing a new phone, but also for those who are not yet going to do this.

Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

Better not to do that, but sometimes you can.

Most expensive phone with water protection

If you open Yandex Market and set all the necessary filters, you can easily notice that the most expensive smartphone with water protection is iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 GB memory.

The smartphone is undeniably cool, but it costs about 120,000 rubles. Of course, this is not the limit. Galaxy Fold (about 130,000 rubles) and Huawei Mate Xs (about 200,000 rubles) are much more expensive, but they do not have protection against water, and the money is taken for bendable displays. So far they have not fallen in price, but according to manufacturers, this will happen soon.

Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

The difference in size between the two models iPhone 11 Pro is quite large.

Although iPhone 11 Pro Max complies with the ip68 standard, you cannot swim with it. On its website Apple warns that if water gets into the smartphone, the warranty will not apply to it.

Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

Here's a proof. Nobody is responsible for the safety of the smartphone.

This applies to all manufacturers. They make the smartphone so that it passes the tests for water and dust resistance, but may not cope with this test after several months of use. The smartphone may fall, bend in your pocket, overheat, and so on. All this can lead to damage to the protective gasket, which is responsible for the tightness.

It's better to just know that you have protection and treat it like our colleague Alexander Bogdanov, who writes for our website Apple

The fact that my iPhone 11 Pro Max is able to stay under water at a depth of 4 m for no more than 30 minutes, of course, inspires confidence when I use it outdoors near ponds or pools, I take it to bathroom, but I try not to subject him to such tests just in case. Nowadays, you often have to treat your phone with an antiseptic, and it seems to me that if the degree of protection were lower, some consequences could already appear. But in any case, no matter how cool the phone's moisture protection is, the warranty Apple does not cover water ingress into the iPhone. And if you sometimes 'bathe' it, and then something breaks due to moisture, you will have to repair it at your own expense. Alexander Bogdanov. Author Apple

The cheapest ip68 phone

Many manufacturers are trying to mislead us. This is especially true of inexpensive models, in which, among other characteristics, something like “protection against water ip53” is indicated. I have already told you what the degree of protection from water means. So, such a “protection” will only protect against splashes, and even then not very strong.

In fact, only paper is less protected from water. We can assume that any smartphone has a degree of protection against water according to this standard. So don't get fooled.

Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

Less than 20,000 rubles, and protected from water.

If we talk about the cheapest smartphone with real water protection, then I found the Samsung Galaxy A8 for about 15,000 rubles. You can buy a little more expensive Samsung Galaxy A8 + and LG G7 – for about 20,000 rubles. The specs of these smartphones are slightly different, but the performance will be the same plus or minus.

Sony Xperia XZ1 will cost a little more, about 21,000 rubles, although it is not so easy to find it on sale. But the camera in it will be better than in other “aqua-state employees”

Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

Sony Xperia XZ1 is not the best, but very distinctive.

The cheapest iPhone with water resistance

In the beginning, it so happened that the most expensive smartphone with water resistance was iPhone 11 Pro Max with a completely horse price tag. Now it's time to talk about the cheapest smartphone from Apple that can withstand submersion in water.

It is iPhone 7. Now it can still be found on sale at a price of about 24,000 rubles. Since the 10th family of smartphones from Apple (iPhone X), the water protection is improved, but also iPhone 7 meets the standard that provides for protection against diving in water.

Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

One of the last iPhone in the classic format.

This is a 2017 smartphone, which in some respects already loses to modern Android smartphones for the same money, but in general it is still very vigorous and will work for more than one year.

Nice waterproof phone

The other day I already confessed my love for the Huawei P30 Pro. Do whatever you want with me, but even at a price of about 50,000 rubles, I really really like it. It's still productive, it has an ebb camera, a cool screen, Google services and water resistance.

I've been using it for a couple of months. During this time, I immersed it in water, used it in places with high humidity. There were no problems with him, but let me remind you once again that you should not abuse it.

Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

Huawei P30 Pro.

There is also a newer smartphone Huawei. It's called the P40 Pro and was introduced two weeks ago. Technically it is better, but by the sum of the factors I like the 30th model more.

I do not name a competitor from Samsung in the face of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20, since personally I am not very good at this brand.

Protected phone

There are smartphones that are protected not only from water and dust, but also from other vicissitudes of fate. I wrote about this in a separate article, but choosing from the models given there, I would call Caterpillar CAT S61.

Five of the most interesting waterproof smartphones

Caterpillar CAT S61. It looks interesting.

It looks interesting, equipped with a thermal imager, a sensor for capturing organic compounds and a laser for measurements. Its protection is very high and it can be dropped without fear of safety.

For hardware, it is only 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM (albeit expandable), a Snapdragon 630 processor, and the main camera is only 16 megapixels (front camera is only 8 megapixels). The price is 50,000 rubles. But here the money is taken for protection.

How to protect your smartphone

To protect your smartphone, you can use waste and glass, but it's better to buy reliable devices right away. Or devices that don't mind. This is the only way you can not worry about your gadget.

And more recently, I talked about the mistakes that users make, and thereby kill their smartphones. If you follow just a few rules, you can give your gadget a long life, and yourself – peace of mind and savings on unplanned expenses.

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