Everyone does not calm down: Honor showed a smartphone measuring temperature

So we waited for the moment when smartphones begin to embed not only cameras, lidars or audio processors, but even temperature measuring instruments. Why this is necessary is still a mystery, but the fact of the presence of such a sensor in the phone already exists. Today Honor introduced a new smartphone that can tell what temperature an object has. Perhaps this is just an attempt to somehow escape from brand failure and attract at least a few new users. It is also possible that this is a new word in technology, and now even Cupertino is thinking about it. We will learn about this very soon, but for now you can just get acquainted with an interesting device from a technical point of view.

Everyone does not calm down: Honor showed a smartphone measuring temperature

On the one hand, an interesting smartphone, but on the other, so-so.

Features Honor Play 4

Today Honor introduced its new smartphones Honor Play 4 and Honor Play 4 Pro. Their characteristics are not the most important thing that they have, but let's first list them, and just below I will try to explain why no one needs it.

The regular version Honor Play 4 runs on the processor MediaTek Dimensity 800 (soon it will be necessary to use these processors much more often due to sanctions). The image is displayed on a FullHD screen with a diagonal of 6.71 inches.

The smartphone camera has four modules: 64 MP main, 8 MP wide, 2 MP macro and depth sensor. To combat overheating, there is a liquid cooling system, and a 4300 mAh battery with 22.5-watt charging is responsible for autonomy.

The Pro version is available with or without a thermal IR scanner, but the performance of both versions will be the same. At the heart of the smartphone is a Kirin 990 processor and 8/128 GB memory.

Everyone does not calm down: Honor showed a smartphone measuring temperature

Do you believe this will work?

From the rest, we can mention a 6.81-inch screen, a 40MP camera and 3x optical zoom, a 4300mAh battery and 40W fast charging.

The price of the versions varies depending on the memory and is in terms of rubles from about 17,000 to 29,000 rubles. The difference between the Pro version with and without a temperature sensor is about 1,000 rubles. This is not so much, and if you really buy, then you can pay extra, but whether users will turn to such a function is a big question.

Everyone does not calm down: Honor showed a smartphone measuring temperature

Many people will like this, but the most interesting thing here is the price.

What's most important about your phone

It is not very logical to say that there is something more important in a modern phone than the rest. The evolutionary process itself has led us to the fact that there is nothing unimportant in smartphones. Moreover, everything that is has already evolved and reached a very high level of development.

For example, fifteen years ago, the camera in the phones was just to be. There were almost no requirements for it, and its presence already indicated that everything was fine with the means of communication. Even after the massive appearance of cameras, no one said, “Ugh! Only one camera? ” People were just happy to have it.

Everyone does not calm down: Honor showed a smartphone measuring temperature

The camera of the new smartphone doesn't look new.

The only thing that is now being demanded and said that it is really necessary is innovation. They must be present, and manufacturers must step out of their comfort zone and take risks by offering something really new. Screens OLED – cool! AI modules are super! Face recognition is generally gorgeous!

That's just something like this is offered to you and me extremely rarely. From the fresh can be called, perhaps, only the outgoing camera, and folding smartphones. The first was put on the altar of the struggle for 5G, and the second somehow did not work out yet. The idea is cool, but the manufacturers could not immediately shoot with it. Or maybe they just hurried and the technologies are not ready yet.

Honor Play 4 Pro with temperature measurement

Today we were shown the new Honor Play 4 Pro, but don't you think the use of a temperature meter in the design looks a little strange? I mean, why did the Chinese choose this one out of so many strange innovations?

Let me rephrase the question. Are you ready to buy a new phone just because it has a temperature measurement tool? Also, how often will you use it? Especially when you consider that measurement is only possible in the range from minus twenty to plus one hundred degrees. I'm sure this won't work for body temperature measurements. That is, the error will be very large. Although such an opportunity at hand would really be useful.

What else can be measured with such a sensor? Let's say you could find out the temperature of drinks or food. Maybe someone would apply it in their work, but all this is so narrow that about such cases in our editorial office they say: “When you are on the top of the mountain and an eagle flies over you, then you really need it”.

Everyone does not calm down: Honor showed a smartphone measuring temperature

So far, no one knows exactly why this is needed, there is already a sketch.

It would be much more useful to integrate a rangefinder into the design of the phone, which will accurately show how much distance is to a particular object. Or the same lidar in a new iPad, which can fully build 3D objects. This is really convenient and useful, albeit without an obvious breakthrough.

The only thing that pleases in this smartphone is that good hardware has not been forgotten and the price is not very high. This is a much bigger breakthrough than a function that is much less useful than, for example, the same flashlight. By the way, it is really difficult without him.

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