Chrome 80 update for Android has been released. What's new?

Chrome is probably the only normal browser for Android with syncing data, passwords, bookmarks. It is convenient to have one single browser for all tasks. Until recently, on a desktop, I used Microsoft Edge, however, due to the lack of synchronization with mobile Chrome, I had to abandon it, and switching to Edge on Android is a dubious matter. In addition, it is Chrome that gets new features faster than all browsers. What will please Google in the new 80 version? Let's figure it out.

Chrome 80 update for Android has been released.  What's new?

Chrome 80th version released

It's worth starting with the fact that while the update is not available to everyone and is distributed in stages. At least desktop Chrome is in my 80th version, but mobile is only 79th. Probably, the update could have already arrived to our readers. In this case, I ask you to share your opinion on the innovations in the comments to this publication or in the Telegram chat. And if you still don't know what exactly Google has added, in this article we will tell you about everything.

Today, visiting new sites is very often accompanied by the display of a modal window with a request to confirm or cancel receiving notifications. Agree that you are tired of these windows too. How can you prevent them from appearing every time you first visit the site? To do this, Google released an update that added a small feature to prevent popup modals associated with notifications from showing the first time they visit sites. Such a step will save users from the annoying need to press the cancel button every time.

How does this feature work on a desktop? If the user often cancels receiving notifications, Chrome will start blocking them automatically. If the user wants to receive notifications from a specific site, they will need to click on the notification bell in the address bar area, after which a small text box will appear: “You usually block notifications, to allow the site to notify you, click here”.

Chrome 80 update for Android has been released.  What's new?

Silent notifications in Chrome

How does blocking work in Chrome for Android? After loading the site, a small window will appear at the bottom with the words “Notifications blocked”. There is a link next to the text, clicking on which you can get detailed information and activate notifications.

To manually activate the silent notifications function, you need to go to the browser settings, then to the site settings and activate the “Use quieter messaging” function.

Along with this feature, Google now requires audio and video transmission over an HTTPS connection. All media content that will be transmitted over insecure HTTP will be blocked by the browser.

Along with version 80 of Chrome, Google will gradually begin distributing the new window structure and grouping capabilities. The new menu of open windows looks like this:

Chrome 80 update for Android has been released.  What's new? Chrome 80 update for Android has been released.  What's new?

You can see how several windows are grouped into one. True, it is not entirely clear why this is necessary, because there are bookmarks for this. Who will keep so many sites in RAM that there is a need to group them? By the way, not so long ago we wrote that Google will make managing tabs in Chrome more convenient.

Also in the new update, Google introduced a restriction on the use of cookies if the site does not use an HTTPS connection. This will protect the user from various trackers that track the user's actions. More details about the innovation Google told in the video below:

Also in the 80th version of Chrome for Android support for SVG icons appeared, however, this innovation will be useful rather for website developers.

All browser users should receive the new version of Chrome in the next two weeks.

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