CEO Xiaomi named three of his favorite smartphones

Whoever says anything, but for most people, choosing a new smartphone for themselves is still a task. Moreover, the most difficult thing is to choose not from a dozen, but from the last two or three models that reached the final, after all the rest, for one reason or another, will be eliminated. It is about the finalists that we try to find out as much as possible. An important role in the choice can be played by the opinion of some influencer who uses this or that model, regardless of the reasons why he chose it. This is probably why the CEO Xiaomi decided to shed some light on the devices that he personally gives preference to.

CEO Xiaomi named three of his favorite smartphones

Lei Jun named three of his favorite smartphones Xiaomi

This is not the first time Lei Jun has spoken publicly about the smartphones he likes the most. For example, this year he said that his favorite device Xiaomi is Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. According to the CEO of the company, he likes this model the most due to its unusual appearance and premium materials housing. After all, no one released all-ceramic smartphones to the market until Xiaomi. And the Chinese not only became the first, but also assigned a quite adequate price for the devices of the Mi Mix line.

Ceramic Smartphone Xiaomi

CEO Xiaomi named three of his favorite smartphones

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – Lei Jun's personal favorite

It was Mi Mix 2 that once again became the first smartphone that Lei Jun would buy for himself. However, this time the chapter Xiaomi revealed another reason for his choice. According to him, he is very attracted by the complex production process of this device. The fact is that the ceramic plates that form the basis of the Mi Mix 2 case are baked at 1400 degrees Celsius for 7 days. This is a mandatory procedure, without which nothing will work. Despite being very expensive, Jun says, Xiaomi managed to keep the price of the Mi Mix at a fairly moderate level.

CEO Xiaomi named three of his favorite smartphones

The old one Xiaomi Mi 6 still really likes the chapter Xiaomi

Jun's second favorite is, oddly enough, Xiaomi Mi 6 in a special performance called the Bright Silver Discovery Edition. The head Xiaomi chose this particular modification in the same way as in the case of the Mi Mix 2, due to the complicated production procedure. Xiaomi Mi 6 Bright Silver Discovery Edition has a so-called vacuum glass body. Thanks to this, its back cover, firstly, has a mirror reflection, and, secondly, does not distort objects that are reflected in it. Therefore, this smartphone can really be used instead of a mirror.

Best Smartphone Xiaomi

CEO Xiaomi named three of his favorite smartphones

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is the coolest smartphone Xiaomi for 2020

The third smartphone in Lei Jun's personal top is Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Perhaps it would be more correct to call him the first. After all, this is the current flagship of the company, and it would be logical for the head of the corporation to promote it. However, as Jun himself noted, Mi 10 Pro is a truly unique device, because during its production Xiaomi it did not save on anything at all. All the components that were used in it, all the technological innovations and materials of the case – all this was done without regard to compromise. Therefore, the Mi 10 Pro turned out to be so expensive, but at the same time technologically advanced, Jun said.

Undoubtedly, it is very interesting to read about personal preferences in the CEO's smartphones Xiaomi. But oddly enough, he didn't say anything about iPhone, which Jun uses as his main device. After all, if you remember, a couple of months ago a top manager got caught on the fact that he published an advertising post on his social networks, sending it with iPhone. When users noticed this, Jun deleted the message and re-published it, but with the Mi 10 Pro. The CEO could not explain the reason for changing his shoes.

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