Best fitness trackers under $ 100

Going in for sports is good! Few will argue with this and no one will doubt it. With the advancement of technology, the fitness tracker has become the ideal companion for sports. It is lightweight, convenient, small and allows you to use it not only for jogging, but also in everyday life. And all due to the fact that they now have much more built-in functions than before. They count steps and calories, allow you to receive notifications from your smartphone, and sometimes even allow you to control the music you listen to through your headphones. All this brought trackers to the top of gadgets around the world. In this collection I will give several similar devices that are not expensive and will suit everyone.


The tracker in our time is useful not only for athletes, but also for those who need a gadget for every day.

Best Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers don't have to be expensive. Despite this, many of them have decent functionality. There are many trackers on the market that cost less than $ 100, are sold in every store and offer rich features. Often only the shape of the case distinguishes them from smartwatches.

If you are thinking about buying such a gadget, take a look at the models below. Today they deservedly occupy a leading position in the rating of buyers' preferences.

Withings move is the most autonomous tracker

This device looks more like a traditional watch than the others, and at the same time has an excellent battery life. The charge will last not for a day, week or month, but for 18 months at once. True, this is the maximum battery life and after that you will not have to charge the battery, but change it.

Withings Move

Almost an ordinary watch, but a tracker.

In addition to really long battery life, Withings Move also offers sleep tracking. Each night, your light and deep sleep cycles and a number of other factors such as awakening, for example, will be recorded and you will get a big picture of your sleep process.

The tracker even has a built-in GPS, but when using it, you shouldn't count on a long battery life. Moreover, if auto-sync is enabled.

In any case, if you want a tracker that will last really long, the Withings Move should be your choice. On average, these watches cost about 7,000 rubles in Russia, but sometimes you can find them even for 5,000 – 5,500 rubles.

Despite all my difficult relationship with these trackers, I can't help but recognize them as the most popular and the best in terms of value for money. Compared to some other devices for the price, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 just looks like a free device. Perhaps this is its main advantage.

At a price below 2,000 rubles, Mi Band 4 is difficult to argue with the previous statement that this is not the best option. A good price in itself does not mean a good product, and the Mi Band 4 really has something to complain about, but in general, all these are trifles.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is much better than Mi Band 3 and not so much inferior to Mi Band 5.

The tracker is equipped with a heart rate tracking system, six different training modes, including a treadmill, and can operate autonomously for up to 20 days. Then it can be simply charged.

Even at a low price, the Mi Band 4 keeps it on while swimming and offers a choice of several colors plus countless original and third-party bands.

There is also a newer Mi Band 5, but it costs more, and in terms of price-quality ratio is still inferior to the cheaper Mi Band 4. If you have a “four” and want to buy a new one, read this article.

Garmin Vivo smart 4 – blood oxygen saturation tracker

This tracker is more expensive than previous options, but offers an interesting feature that is rarely found in similar devices. I'm talking about measuring blood oxygen saturation. In Russia, the gadget costs more than $ 100 at the current exchange rate, but in the US it is estimated at about $ 90 (about 6,650 rubles), so it deserves a place in the ranking.

Garmin Vivo smart 4

Garmin Vivo smart 4 isn't cheap, but it has a lot of advantages.

Actually, the Pulse Ox sensor is what sets the Garmin Vivo smart 4 apart from other trackers. Otherwise, it can hardly be called unique. In addition to measuring blood oxygen saturation, it offers sleep monitoring, a heart rate monitor, a battery that lasts for seven days, and the ability to track all types of activity, including walking, running, swimming and more. It will even track your yoga and strength training sessions if you need to.

There is also sleep stress tracking and several colors to choose from. It will not be difficult to choose a gadget for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy Fit E is the best tracker for Samsung fans

Samsung makes a lot of really good wearables. Standing apart among them is the Galaxy Fit E, which costs about 3,000 rubles, but offers many useful features. True, outwardly, if you don't look closely and just see the gadget on someone's hand, you might think that it is Xiaomi Mi Band.

The tracker offers a large color AMOLED display for viewing information and a heart rate sensor. It is swimmable and designed to meet the military MIL-STD-810G standard. This means it's tough enough not to worry about some drops and bumps.

Samsung Galaxy Fit E

Simple and tasteful

As for other features, it tracks sleep, steps, and several types of workouts. It uses the Samsung Health app for syncing, which is actually pretty good compared to many other fitness apps.

Fitbit Inspire HR – the classic fitness tracker

To complete the list, I suggest the Fitbit Inspire HR model, which many recognize as the most balanced fitness tracker in this price category. In Russia, however, its price rarely drops below 8,000 rubles, and the average even approaches 10,000 rubles, but in the USA it can be bought for exactly $ 100 (about 7,400 rubles). If you can find an inexpensive delivery or ask someone to bring it, then it can turn out to be generally very profitable.

In terms of the set of functions, the gadget is similar to the more expensive Fitbit Charge 4, but with slightly fewer functions. It has a heart rate monitor that works 24/7 continuously. In addition to this, it also features sleep tracking, battery life that can last up to five days if needed, and water protection while swimming.

Best fitness trackers under $ 100

Expensive, but this is almost the most stylish gadget of this kind.

The definition of the type of training is automatic and includes walking, running, swimming, cycling and some others. At the same time, this tracker can probably be called the most stylish of all that were discussed today, with the exception, perhaps, Withings Move. Considering that FitBit was able to pass even from one of the very first trackers in the industry, it is worthy of respect, and many consider its application to be simply the best.

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