Best Bluetooth TWS Earbuds in 2020

After the release of AirPods, everyone was literally obsessed with wireless headphones. At the same time, TWS headphones were on sale even before Apple, but it was after the release of AirPods that such solutions became extremely popular. What is TWS? This is not a “copy of AirPods,” as some might have thought all along. If we decipher the abbreviation, we get True Wireless Stereo, which means “true wireless stereo”. In the context of headphones, this means the ability to synchronize audio between two headphones that are not connected by wires. So let's take a look at the best TWS earbuds in early 2020. What will the manufacturers offer us?

Best Bluetooth TWS Earbuds in 2020

Best TWS earbuds in early 2020

Xiaomi Air Dots Pro 2 is a cheap option for Xiaomi lovers

Let's start with the cheap Xiaomi Air Dots Pro 2. The earbuds were introduced not so long ago and look very similar to AirPods due to the in-ear form factor. Some people are not so comfortable with the plugs because of the unpleasant feeling of vacuum inside the ears or due to the constant flying of the plugs due to the peculiarities of the structure of the auricle. Air Dots Pro 2 offer listening time from a single charge up to 4 hours and up to 14 hours using a case, have noise cancellation, weigh 4.5 grams each. They do not support the Bluetooth aptX high quality music protocol, but AAC and LDHC are supported.

Headphones are priced at 4500-5000 rubles and for their price this is one of the best options.

Samsung Galaxy Buds are a good and inexpensive option for those who love Samsung

These headphones can work on a single charge for 6 hours, and the battery in the case will give at least 1 full charge. They are compatible with Android phones with version 5.0 and higher and have good passive sound insulation. The headphones have two microphones that are able to listen to the world around them. This is useful when you need to distract yourself from the music. Galaxy Buds, like most TWS earbuds, are equipped with a touchpad.

Of the minuses, Samsung's own codec can be noted, which does not match the sound quality of AtpX and LDAC. In Russia, branded Samsung headphones can be purchased for 9990 rubles.

Mobvoi TicPods 2 with AptX support

Mobvoi is a developer of artificial intelligence systems, speech recognition. The team includes Google developers. TicPods 2 look very similar to EarPods, in Russia you can buy them for 6200 rubles. They offer touch controls, AptX codec support, fast charging, fast pairing, Bluetooth 5.0 support. They are able to work for 4 hours from one charge, and the case will give a total of 23 hours of use.

Huawei FreeBuds 3 with quality connection and Bluetooth 5.1

FreeBuds Lite, of course, are not bad, but for 11 thousand rubles you can buy headphones Huawei FreeBuds 3. They offer active noise cancellation technology and high-quality sound. The case supports fast wireless charging and reverse charging. Headphones last 4 hours on a single charge and 20 hours when using the case. Separately, the company notes the ergonomic design, the ears will not feel any discomfort when using FreeBuds 3.

They support Bluetooth 5.1 with BLE, dual channel synchronous transmission technology, and 356 MHz audio processing technology. Thanks to the bone conduction sensor, the headphones better recognize your voice when communicating with the interlocutor.

Sony WF-1000XM3 – one of the best in sound quality and data transfer

The earbuds have advanced noise cancellation thanks to the QN1e HD processor and two microphones (external and internal). Many will like them for their elegant design. Fortunately, Sony has always managed to make beautiful products. The WF-1000XM3 offers quality sound with DSEE HX digital audio enhancement technology. Also, many will appreciate the quality of the signal due to the special location and shape Bluetooth – the antenna inside the case. In Russia, headphones can be bought for 15 thousand rubles.

It is interesting to know which of the headphones you liked the most. Share your opinion in our Telegram chat and do not forget to leave comments on this entry.

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