Best Adventure Games for Android

Games come in completely different genres, but the most interesting, in my opinion, are adventure games. When you need to play something on the road, it is “three in a row”, but if you want to complete a game that leaves a pleasant aftertaste, then there is nothing better than adventure games. In this collection, we will talk about free and paid games of this genre and even give examples of games that cost money, but also have free versions. Some games are not very new, for example Machinarium, which I have already played twice, but they still make me want to remember the puzzles they have.

Best Adventure Games for Android

Adventure games belong to this genre to be interesting.

Adventure games for Android

Another thing I love about adventure games is that they have riddles that are not always easy to guess. Sometimes it is even necessary to close the game and return to it after a while, as the eye is “blurred” and it is no longer possible to find a simple solution. And in such games, well-thought-out characters and good graphics often find their place.

Many of the above games are most enjoyable to play on a tablet, but you can do it on a smartphone, just like that, the whole beauty of the drawn world will be revealed less.

Thimbleweed Park – retro adventure with a touch of modernity

Thimbleweed Park is a great retro adventure game with many modern features from Mankey Island / Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert. Something she resembles in style “The X-Files” and “Twin Peaks”, but with unusual plot twists. You have to manage two strange FBI agents investigating a murder mystery in an equally peculiar city.

The riddles in the game are quite complex, and to solve them you often have to involve other characters in the game world. But if you just prefer to enjoy stylish pixel art and weird humor, there is a simple mode that makes the game easier.

Download Thimbleweed Park

The Witch's Isle is the best free adventure game

Witch Island is an adventure game with beautiful pixel graphics and interesting puzzles. On a distant island ruled by a witch, one villager must return the stolen value by a certain time on pain of death. It sounds strange, not your actions can lead to one of the seven endings, some of them are good, and some are bad.

You not only control the main character, but you can also make the camera follow other characters. This will allow not only to plunge deeper into the game, but also to get useful tips for passing.

Download The Witch's Isle

Lost Echo – Sci-Fi Adventure

You will have to find yourself in a situation in which the girl disappeared, but no one remembers her existence.

Besides the intriguing story, Lost Echo showcases great graphics and atmospheric soundtrack. There are help options for novice players, while a no-help game mode is provided for experienced players.

Download Lost Echo

Valiant Hearts: The Great War – an emotional story

War and the aftermath of war are common themes in video games. But this is not Call of Duty. Valiant Hearts: The Great War, although it has cartoon graphics, shows the horrors of the First World War in full.

This atmospheric adventure game focuses on the sometimes heartbreaking stories of a wide variety of people making their way through the battlefields of France.

Download Trial Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Download the full version of Valiant Hearts: The Great War

The Walking Dead – almost the same

Telltale Games may raise questions, especially after the studio closure, but even this scandal does not make its games worse.

First of all, such games, of course, include a story game based on the popular series about a zombie apocalypse called “The Walking Dead” and has been released for many years. After a few minutes of gameplay, you start to feel the struggle of the main characters and do everything for their survival.

Download The Walking Dead

Machinarium – the steampunk masterpiece

The games take place with melodic guitar playing in the background, and you help a little robot save the city, which another robot is trying to destroy. This is a turn based game with cool steampunk graphics and an original concept. Even if it is not new, but it does not leave you indifferent and makes you go further and further.

The main character – a robot can stretch or contract its body a little, and only objects that are within reach are displayed as interactive. This encourages exploration and movement. The game is addictive but kind. You can even play it with children.

Download demo version of Machinarium
Download the full version of Machinarium

Samorost 3 – atmospheric and memorable

Samorost 3 was created by the same developer that created Machinarium and it is also a small diamond in the crown of any app store. The game revolves around a gnome who finds an enchanted flute and wants to find out where it came from.

The graphics resemble Machinarium, and the gameplay is quite original: there is no dialogue, only sounds and images to advance the plot and action.

Download demo version of Samorost 3
Download full version of Samorost 3

Do you have any tips for adventure games? If so, write in the comments or in our Telegram chat. We'll be happy to see what you recommend.

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