Android – 2020 smartphones will get exclusive technology iPhone 11

Despite the fact that Apple quite often prefers to postpone the implementation of certain functions iOS until the last moment, in terms of innovations, everything is more than in order. It seems that not a year goes by that Cupertino does not offer the buyers of their devices something that no one else had before. For example, Apple was the very first on the market to realize that NFC can be used not only for data transmission, which, in general, is practically pointless, but also for normal contactless payments. Or, say, no one had any idea before it that it was possible to increase the accuracy of geolocation thanks to the Ultra Wideband technology, which, however, will soon be used by all manufacturers Android – smartphones.

Android - 2020 smartphones will get exclusive technology iPhone 11

Apple cannot save Ultra Wideband as an exclusive feature iPhone

Smartphones with Ultra Wideband

Flagship smartphones under control Android, which will start coming out in 2020, will be equipped with a special chip in addition to the NFC module, which ensures the operation of the Ultra Wideband technology, Barclay's analysts said. It will be produced by the Dutch semiconductor manufacturer NFP Semiconductor. Thanks to him, devices based on Android will receive additional functions, which, unlike the flagship models iPhone, they simply could not boast up to now.

Android - 2020 smartphones will get exclusive technology iPhone 11

Ultra Wideband – Next Generation Wireless Technology

Ultra Wideband compatibility will open up a wider range of functionalities for smartphones. So, thanks to the technology, their owners will be able to choose the recipient for wireless data transmission, simply by pointing their device towards the receiver, or, say, opening the doors of compatible cars without using keys. In a word, there are really a lot of scenarios for using the new data transfer protocol, the main part of which manufacturers have yet to come up with and convince users that it is convenient.

Why Ultra Wideband Technology is Needed

Itself Apple claims that the existing Ultra Wideband use cases are just the beginning, which is very readily believed. In the end, most likely in the very near future, compatible geotags will begin to appear on the market, which will allow you to search for lost objects in confined spaces, or, for example, smart locks that can be opened simply by walking to the door with a smartphone in your pocket. That is, roughly the same thing that now allows you to make proximity keys for cars, but with even greater convenience, because for all this, only a smartphone will be enough, without which not a single person leaves the house today.

Most likely, the first Android smartphone to receive Ultra Wideband support will be the Galaxy S11, which is just over a month away from its presentation. The fact is that Samsung is one of the few people who helped NXP develop its own chip that powers the technology. Therefore, it would be logical to expect that the company will try to take advantage of the fruits of its labors before others. Moreover, this will allow Koreans not only to show off the advancement of their products, but also to show Apple that they did not manage to run far from their main competitor.

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