Xiaomi a state employee wants to sell under the guise of a flagship

Xiaomi is known not only for its ability to produce extremely cheap smartphones, but also for real killers of flagship killers. So, on August 22, 2018, the company released the Pocophone Poco F1 smartphone. It was marketed as an unlinked phone Xiaomi. The company wanted to make a kind of analogue of the OnePlus line, which is owned by Oppo. And she did it, because the device was very popular in Russia. In the future, the company for some reason decided not to release new Poco smartphones and only now they started talking about it again, because a few days ago it officially announced its return to the market. Probably preparing for the release of Poco F2, which, let's say right away, will disappoint many.

Xiaomi a state employee wants to sell under the guise of a flagship

Xiaomi a state employee wants to sell under the guise of a flagship

The problem is very simple, Poco F2 appeared on the Indian Bureau for Indian Standards (BIS) website. The device model (M1912G7BI) is the same as the Redmi K30 4G model (M1912G7BC and M1912G7BE). The differences in the last letter are related to the region where the device will be sold, but not to the device itself. The 'I' at the end means targeting the Indian market.

It is not yet completely clear which device in the new Poco lineup will become an analogue Redmi of the K30, however, most likely, we are talking about Poco F2. Redmi The K30 is powered by a Snapdragon 730G processor, a 6.67-inch FHD IPS display with a camera cutout, a 64MP camera, 6/8 GB of RAM, and 64/256 GB of internal storage. This is undoubtedly a budget gadget, which, although it received a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, at the same time has a number of disadvantages even in comparison with last year's Redmi K20. We've already covered why the Redmi K30 is a failing phone. Of course, it is also worth noting its good camera with the Sony IMX686 module, but its shortcomings, one of which is the IPS display technology, can become a serious problem for many consumers.

Redmi Is the K30 Poco F2 Lite?

Even if we assume that we are talking about the Lite version, it is not entirely clear why we are slipping a phone that is already on the market. Surely Poco will be sold in Russia, so everything that is relevant for the Indian market will be relevant for ours. Poco F1 at one time was a full-fledged gadget that did not even outwardly repeat smartphones Xiaomi, but now we are offered under the guise of a smartphone of the Poco line some kind of budget phone with a bad screen. What for? Let's discuss this in Telegram.

Many people don't know, but the Poco F1 uses a full-fledged face scanner with an infrared sensor. The same technology is used by Apple and other flagship manufacturers in their phones, in the case of Redmi K30 they do not offer us anything like that. In addition, these two front cameras in Redmi K30, between which the black area is part of the screen and is only programmatically painted black, simply kill the whole picture. Many K30 owners note that at night, when the black background is more visible, these cameras stand out against the background of a software insert between them, which creates the feeling of using a cheap device, although it is difficult to call it very cheap.

Politics Xiaomi strange

Xiaomi sometimes makes good devices, but, as a rule, after a successful model, the new version turns out to be not so good in terms of value for money. For example, Redmi 5 after the release of Redmi 6 seemed more attractive, it had a more capacious battery, a Snapdragon processor (in Redmi 6 MTK) , and the frame of the device seemed much smaller than in Redmi 6. The situation with the K30 is similar to this one. And using the K30 as a next-generation device in Poco's lineup could cause a wave of anger towards Xiaomi.

It is clear that in this way she is trying to maneuver, getting as much profit as possible and taking advantage of the popularity of the Poco line, but this is not an ideal scenario. In place Xiaomi, I would suggest much more interesting devices in the Poco line with a completely different design that would be liked by residents of the whole world, not just the Chinese.

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