Will the straps fit from Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Trackers Xiaomi Mi Band have always stood apart among fans of the brand and just lovers of such accessories. From the first generation, they were very inexpensive, worked for a very long time and for many were a real ideal compromise of all indicators. As time goes on, these inexpensive devices still attract millions of fans around the world. Now a new, fifth generation Xiaomi Mi Band has come out, which has many key advantages over the Mi Band 4, which I did not speak very flatteringly about at one time. The novelty provides new functions while maintaining a relatively low price. Outwardly, it is similar to the previous generation and many are wondering if the new product can be used with old straps. The answer is already there.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

With the characteristics of the Mi Band 5, everything is clear. What's with the straps?

Straps Xiaomi Mi Band

Replacing the straps of modern smartwatches and fitness trackers is not just pampering, but really one of the most useful features. Unlike classic watches, electronic gadgets that fall into the category of wearable electronics are too futuristic to suit any type of clothing and any style. In addition, people use the same devices for sports and evening walks. All this leads to the fact that the replacement of straps becomes simply necessary.

Elementary, remember why we didn't want to change the straps on a regular watch? It just couldn't be done, so I didn't want to. Even if you don't change the strap all the time, it's like a screensaver on your smartphone. Once a year you want something new. Therefore, this is important and for myself, I do not even consider wearable devices, where there is no way to quickly change the strap.

Can old straps be used with the new Mi Band

The answer to the question whether the new trackers Xiaomi Mi support bands from the previous generation will be disappointing. They have interchangeability, but it is very conditional and I would not recommend doing this for one simple reason.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Would you buy such a tracker? Let's discuss this.

When you try to put a new tracker in the old strap, it fits there, but the strap clearly does not fit the case. All because of the increase in size, which was a consequence of the increase in the screen diagonal. In addition to the fact that it sits very tightly in it, it is not fixed yet. This strikes the eye not so much as it is simply scary for the device. If you play sports with it, it may fall out and you will be left with an empty strap on your hand.

Any watch should first of all be fixed in the strap, but in the case of docking Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with old straps, this does not happen. Therefore, the answer to the question – can they be used – will be no. It's better to buy new ones. Moreover, they are not so expensive. The old ones can be sold together with the old tracker by slightly raising its price.

Specifications Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Mi The Band 5 is the latest in the popular range of low-cost fitness wearables. The new tracker boasts a large 1.1-inch color display AMOLED and magnetic charging support for its 100mAh battery. It is capable of not only counting steps on the way to work, but also tracking 11 sports modes. In this generation, several new ones were added, including yoga, jump rope and some others.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

People appreciate Ma Band for the way he sits on his hand.

There are also improvements in sleep monitoring, new women's health features, and more. True, like last time, the international version lacks some of the functions that the version for the Chinese market has. For example, only the Chinese version of the gadget added NFC support, a new assistant and a new function for tracking oxygen in the blood.

All the same, even the international version stands out well against the background of other trackers with its combination of features and price. There are no global changes in relation to the previous generation, and the company has not made an airplane out of a tractor, but this device probably does not need it.

As for the price, in Russia a novelty can be bought for about 2,500 – 3,000 rubles. In Europe, the device costs 39.99 euros (approximately 3,500 rubles), while in the UK the price is 39.99 pounds sterling (approximately 3,850 rubles). And there, and there they are called, as befits the international version, Mi Smart Band 5.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The 'five' has a lot of its own straps. so you have to buy new ones.

The Mi Band 5 is a big upgrade from the previous version of this device, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. This makes it beneficial for many owners of an older product. If you have Mi Band 4 and you bought a good collection of straps to customize the gadget for yourself, you will have to take into account that your straps will turn into a pumpkin after buying a new tracker.

Should you buy Xiaomi Mi Band 5

If you didn't have a tracker, but want to buy one and spend a little money on it, the Mi Band 5 might be a great option. If you want to replace Mi Band 4 with Mi Band 5, but are not ready to just spend 3,000 rubles, evaluate its characteristics, which are given above, and understand for yourself whether they are important to you. The main difference will be the larger display (1.1 versus 0.97 inches), although such differences will be difficult to notice.

That being said, remember that the straps will have to be bought again. That is, this should also be included in the price of the new thing. Personally, I would not be in a hurry to change the fourth generation to the fifth. But the third one would really be time to update.

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