Why the Galaxy S20 is better than the OnePlus 8

This year we have already been shown as many as four flagship smartphone lines. We were pleased with their new devices Huawei, Honor, Samsung and OnePlus. We will not consider the first two now, since they are not very close to our reality due to the lack of Google services. Technically, there are no questions for them, but programmatically they pumped up. But the Samsung Galaxy S20 has everything you need: good specs, good design, and a great flagship price. But which of these smartphones will be better if you start comparing them? Despite the apparent similarity, they have something to compare. This is what we will do now.

Why the Galaxy S20 is better than the OnePlus 8

These smartphones are good, but you have to pick one.

OnePlus 8 or Samsung Galaxy S20

This year, new items from OnePlus made more noise at a huge price, and not by their characteristics, as it was before. This is no longer an affordable flagship, and even less their killer, since at a price of $ 700 it is simply impossible to be.

As a result, the most logical comparison for him now is precisely the comparison with the top flagships. True, now he will no longer win in all respects. This is evidenced by the fact that the 128 and 256 GB versions of OnePlus 8 and Samsung Galaxy S20 cost about the same + – $ 100. When was the last time? Never.

Maybe if we compare them by other parameters, we get something more interesting and we can choose the best smartphone? Well, let's try.

The iron of a modern phone

Of course, both smartphones have good hardware, it is even pointless to argue here. But someone should still have it better?

The Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 have the same processor – Snapdragon 865 with support 5G. Both have large AMOLED – high refresh rate screens. Each has a 4000mAh battery and supports fast charging and so on.

The most important difference between the two phones is the camera. They are similar in functionality – high resolution, ultra-wide and software features. Everything fits, except for one thing. Many people think that the camera module is everything, but it is not. If absolutely identical sensors are installed in two different smartphones, they will still work differently. All because of the software that processes the resulting images before saving them to the device's memory. The matrix only gives a few million colored dots that need to be collected into one image, that's all.

Why the Galaxy S20 is better than the OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8's camera is as good as ever. But I don’t understand why a macro lens is needed.

In the case of these two smartphones, their main cameras are filmed in about the same way. It is much more interesting that when choosing the third module, they went completely different ways.

The third camera on the OnePlus 8 is a 2MP macro lens (for close-up shots), while the Galaxy S20 offers a 64MP telephoto lens (for zooming in on objects at a distance). However, they both have their drawbacks. Macro shots on the OnePlus 8 are very low resolution, while photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S20 telephoto lens get very hazy after zooming in at 10x. Although, I'm still in favor of magnification than macro mode. In everyday life, it is used much more often.

The difference in charging is also worth noting. While the Galaxy S20 only comes with 25W charging (the more expensive S20 Ultra goes up to 45W at its peak), it uses the USB-PD standard, so there are plenty of third-party chargers and batteries that work with it. The OnePlus 8 can hit 30W, but you will be limited to the chargers sold by OnePlus. Only the original charging can cope with filling the gadget with energy really quickly.

There are a few more features that the OnePlus 8 lacks when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20. All variants of the Korean smartphone have IP68 water resistance, while only the OnePlus 8 versions for T-Mobile and Verizon have the same rating. In addition, the Galaxy S20 supports wireless charging (as well as reverse wireless charging). OnePlus 8 will not be able to boast of this. Although, let me remind you again, it costs almost the same.

Why the Galaxy S20 is better than the OnePlus 8

The Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup has three models ranging from $ 800 to $ 1,400. But all are protected from water.

Supported Smartphone 5G

Suppose that in our country 5G is still working only at the test level and it is too early to talk about widespread use, but it is impossible not to discuss this in the context of new smartphones.

Like carrier networks, smartphones with 5G are also woven from contradictions. Like other communication standards, fifth-generation networks are a little more complex than they might seem at first glance. For devices to work properly in this format, they must match the network settings.

In the case of the OnePlus 8 and Galaxy S20, there is a difference. The former uses frequencies below 6 GHz, while the latter uses 6 GHz. As a result, in the USA smartphones cannot work normally with all operators and one has to choose a smartphone taking this factor into account. It is difficult to say how it will be with us. Therefore, it is impossible to advise a smartphone for the future. Perhaps we will have something special and they both will not work in our networks.

One UI or OxygenOS

Both smartphones run on Android 10, but each with its own skin. Samsung has One UI and OnePlus has OxygenOS. Personally, I like the second option better. All due to the fact that it is not overloaded with its own add-ons.

Due to the availability of its own versions of applications, Samsung has a much more overloaded system and, as a result, this can lead to crashes and slowdowns. However, given the power of both smartphones, this is unlikely, but increasing complexity always leads to less stability.

Why the Galaxy S20 is better than the OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8's screen is really good, but Samsung is doing well too.

Until recently, smartphones cost differently. Samsung was more expensive, but the price has been reduced and now it costs $ 799 for the 12/128 GB version. OnePlus offers 256GB for the money, while the 128GB version retails for $ 100 less. RAM in all versions of both smartphones is 12 GB.

Choosing a smartphone in this case is not at all difficult. You only need to look at the screen size and storage space you want. If you want a big screen, then for you OnePlus 8. You need more memory – it's the same. If you want to buy a device for working in networks 5G in the future, then you need to look at Samsung.

Actually, this is all the difference. You will hardly notice even a different approach to camera construction in everyday life.

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