Why Samsung phones update slower than others

Samsung smartphones have traditionally been very popular among users. This is great, because these smartphones have very good technical equipment and nice design. And they also lost their jambs, which many did not like in the proprietary shell of the operating system. All this makes people buy smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer. As a result, it ranks among the top three global smartphone manufacturers. There is only one problem. These smartphones are not doing as smoothly with updates as their users would like. Why is this happening and when will it end?

Why Samsung phones update slower than others

Samsung updates slower than others and there is a reason for this.

Why Samsung updates are so slow

To answer this question, it is worth understanding how a fast update happens. In order for the smartphone to update quickly in the background, a structure of two system sections is used. Having two system partitions, you can easily change one of them without affecting the work of the second one. As a result, updates are installed on the second section while you are using your smartphone. Once the update is installed, the user will be prompted to restart the smartphone. At this time, there is a switch between sections and the user receives an updated smartphone.

Samsung phones, even the latest models, are deprived of this opportunity and are updated as they did five years ago. Considering Samsung's promises to release more frequent updates, this approach becomes quite strange. Instead of these updates being easy and casual, the user has to wait 10-20 minutes each time.

When the updates are small, you can still wait it out, and when something big arrives, the process can seem very tedious. 20 minutes doesn't sound so scary, but when it comes to putting your smartphone aside for this time and just waiting, you’ll start wondering if you need this update. While the picture is like this and when it will change is unclear.

How to update your phone

In order to update your phone in a normal situation, you just need to do a couple of simple steps. It is enough to go to the smartphone settings, open the “System” section, find the update item and install it.

Automatic system updates are even more convenient. It happens in the background. To do this, you need to enable automatic system update in the settings. To make it easier to find it, you can use the search by settings. Sometimes this item is located in different places in different smartphones.

After this updates will be installed automatically, and you will only need to restart your smartphone in order for them to start working. It is much easier than doing the entire procedure manually.

Why you need to update your smartphone

There are two types of updates released for Android. The first type concerns security and everything is clear with such updates. There are also major system updates. They bring new features and optimizations.

It is with this wagon train that not only intermediate updates come, but also full-fledged new versions Android. This split into two types allows the user to receive security updates after the manufacturer has stopped releasing updates to the firmware and system functions. For Google Chrome, updates have also been temporarily stopped. True, there were fake updates for him.

Why Samsung phones update slower than others

Even this smartphone cannot update quickly.

All vendors have different support periods, and separating device security into separate updates seems like a very useful feature.

How to Update Samsung Phone

Many years ago (for smartphones 4-5 years, there are really a lot) updates to Android were installed completely in manual mode. But since 2016, Google has tried to improve this process. To do this, they implemented a seamless update feature.

The process became background and did not require anything special from the user. You could even use your smartphone when the update was installed. All manufacturers willingly took up this idea. All but one. Samsung has chosen a special path for itself.

Even new smartphones for a lot of money, such as the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20 Ultra, are being updated in the “old fashioned” way. With such an update, the user actually loses the opportunity to use the device for 5-15 minutes. He should just wait for the update to install.

Why Samsung phones update slower than others

Just restarting your smartphone is sometimes helpful.

Even though the time is very short, you still need to find it. As a result, most people constantly postpone this process and do not receive updates when they are relevant.

For example, a recent update to Samsung smartphones, which was supposed to correct the camera, disabled the smartphone for several tens of minutes. Agree, it would be much more convenient if everything was done by itself, and the user would only need to spend no more than a couple of minutes to reboot the smartphone. Moreover, sometimes it is even useful. Personally, I periodically reboot my smartphone for preventive purposes. I'm so used to it.

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