Why iPhone 11 Owners are Moving to Galaxy S20

Not so long ago on Apple Insider.ru I wrote an article about why iPhone 11 is a more interesting option in comparison with Samsung flagships. Now it's time to look at the situation from a slightly different angle. Let's try to understand what iPhone 11 owners don't like about their devices, and why they want to upgrade to Samsung's new flagship.

Why iPhone 11 Owners are Moving to Galaxy S20

Why iPhone 11 Owners are Moving to Galaxy S20

iPhone 11 in the minimum configuration is estimated at 60 thousand rubles, and many users Android – smartphones are surprised at this moment, because they think that new iPhone cost 100 thousand but it is not. Today you can buy cheap iPhone. However, will it be able to compete with the S20, which is sold in Russia for 70 thousand rubles? Will fans of products Apple switch to the flagship from Samsung, which is also 10 thousand rubles more expensive? Some have already started the transition process, so we will focus on where the S20 is better iPhone 11 and why people are willing to give that kind of money.

Slow charging and thick bezels iPhone 11

The first thing that immediately catches your eye in the case of iPhone 11 is the lack of fast charging included. Users are offered the usual 1 amp charging, which, of course, is not enough for 2020. Also, users iPhone 11 are not satisfied with thick frames, because of which the phone is too wide and uncomfortable in the hand. The width iPhone 11 is 75.7 mm, while the width of the Galaxy S20 is 69.1 mm. The difference of 6.6 millimeters is quite significant. And while iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch display, while the Galaxy S20 has a 6.2-inch display.

iPhone 11 has 2 cameras in total

Another reason that the owners of iPhone 11 consider to be the reason to change the device is only 2 cameras, while other manufacturers offer 3 or 4 main camera modules. Here, of course, the argument seems completely silly. The quality of the photo does not depend on the number of cameras, but on the module itself and image processing algorithms. Name the camera iPhone 11 I can't turn my tongue bad.

iPhone 11 is low on memory

And this argument seems interesting. On the one hand, Apple offers versions for 128 and 256 gigabytes, but in this case the cost can rise to 74 thousand rubles. In the case of the Galaxy S20, we are offered 128 GB of internal memory in the basic modification, which will be enough for a ton of photos and video clips. The downside is that Apple does not allow expanding memory using microSD cards, so this argument is quite reasonable.

Screen iPhone 11 scratched

Why iPhone 11 Owners are Moving to Galaxy S20

iPhone 11 scratches easily

Users of iPhone 11 complain that the phone has poor quality protective glass, which becomes scratched almost immediately after purchase. I find it difficult to evaluate this argument, since I have not used a long period iPhone 11, but you can believe them. However, it is worth noting that the S20 uses very thin frames and 3D glass, which is very easy to break, but it will not be easy to repair such a screen due to the high cost of repairs, so here, I would say, both devices have their drawbacks.

Screen, Galaxy S20 body materials and iPhone 11

The reasons to buy the S20 are cited as a high-quality screen and premium body materials. The arguments are controversial for a number of reasons. Firstly, iPhone 11 uses a high-quality IPS-matrix and no less premium body materials. Many people don't like AMOLED – screens. In addition, after some time of use, you begin to get used to such a screen, and it no longer seems to be any special. Moreover, you start to notice that you spend more and more time at the device due to the brighter and more colorful colors. Our brains are attracted to bright colors, so when you use a phone with a AMOLED screen, there is a chance that your addiction to smartphones will become even more pronounced. And this is not some stupidity, because I myself experience the same when using Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite.

Apps open for a long time

Compared to the S10, the difference is not as obvious as, for example, compared to the Galaxy S20:

The phone really works too slowly at some points. The most striking example is the launch of a heavy application Twitter.

Should you upgrade from iPhone 11 to Galaxy S20

Technically, the S20 is better iPhone 11 in all respects, but here it is worth understanding that by owning an iPhone, you are part of an ecosystem Apple that is convenient. In addition, in iPhone the operating system is more optimized, it does not eat a lot of RAM, in iOS there are smoother animations, it is updated within 4-5 years, which no one can offer Android – device. If you go to Avito, you can understand that the old iPhone are more expensive than the old Galaxy S, and long-term support plays a significant role in this. A phone based on modern software is always more expensive than an outdated solution.

Therefore, technically, it is possible, of course, to offer users better devices, but, in my opinion, I would not switch to S20 now, because I simply do not see the point in this. The differences from the S10 are minimal and only concern the improved camera and performance. It seems to me that Samsung for 70 thousand rubles needs to offer the owners iPhone and old Galaxy something more significant, and not just improved performance.

You probably have different views on this situation, share it in the comments and read our news in Telegram.

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