Why I regretted not buying a Samsung smartphone

I have never been a fan of updates and in general I was rather skeptical about them. The new features were of little value to me, because most of them could be obtained from applications, and I could provide my own security. After all, all you need is not to download applications from unreliable sources, read reviews for those posted on Google Play, and not follow the links on the left. However, when I bought the seemingly flagship Honor View 20 and received only three updates in 9 months of use, which – for a minute – are called 'monthly', I gradually began to regret not having chosen any device from the Koreans , which have been updated 8 or 9 times during this time.

Why I regretted not buying a Samsung smartphone

Samsung smartphones can be loved at least for their support

I will not be cunning, when I bought my Honor in the midst of the confrontation Huawei and the USA, internally I was ready for the fact that I might be completely disconnected from Google Play, and therefore about updates thought last. However, it soon became clear that the American sanctions only affect devices that will be released after their introduction, which means that there were no restrictions for the old ones. As a confirmation, Huawei even released Android 10 for my View 20, which I was sincerely glad, because in this update, the Chinese added a special mechanism to the firmware to track power overruns and secret surveillance. hosted by applications.

Why you shouldn't buy smartphones Huawei

Why I regretted not buying a Samsung smartphone

My Honor View 20 was updated only once every six months. Is it okay?

However, the joy was short-lived. Time passed, and since the release of Android 10 in September Huawei has not released a single security patch for my smartphone, but Samsung managed to update all its smartphones several times that came out in the last one and a half of the year. Not only that, she also released updates even earlier than Google did. If Pixel Line devices received updates in the first week of each month, Koreans began distributing security updates for the next month before the end of the previous one. That is, the January one came out in December, the February one – in January, and the March one – in February.

Why updates are needed

Why did I change my attitude towards updates, ask? Well, there were actually several reasons for that.

  • First, the regular release of updates means that the manufacturer remembers about his device and supports it, which in the case of Huawei could not be said.
  • Secondly, security updates are often aimed not only at improving the device's defense mechanisms, but also at fixing bugs and flaws.
  • Thirdly, Samsung with monthly updates improves the performance and expands the functionality of even non-flagship smartphones. For example, it increased the speed of the fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy A50 and added support for the Galaxy S9 night mode.

Smartphone problems Huawei

Why I regretted not buying a Samsung smartphone

Samsung updates its smartphones even more actively than Google

Smartphones Huawei may appear to be perfect and therefore require no new features or fixes. But no. During the use of Honor View 20, I came across several frustrating interface bugs. One of them is the non-working function of finding the desired parameters in the Settings app. Rather, you can find them, but you can't open them from search results. Therefore, in order to get to the desired section, I have to search for it manually, which is far from always easy and obvious.

What would I do now in my place if I was again faced with the question of choosing a smartphone? To be honest, it's hard for me to answer even to myself. On the one hand, I love my View 20. I love its camera, high-speed performance and the logicality of its interface. But, as far as support is concerned, here I am infinitely unhappy. After all, if I buy a flagship smartphone, it is obvious that I expect regular updates from it and, in general, all the attention to my person from the manufacturer. None of this is present now, and Google has nothing to do with it. It's just that Huawei is not up to me, and it annoys me.

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