Why I advise everyone to buy the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

I have always found it difficult to choose a new smartphone. I could read reviews, watch reviews and compare characteristics for weeks, but still not move one iota towards making a final decision. I myself explained this by the absence of truly uncompromising models on sale and the need to choose the lesser of two evils. But at some point, the smartphone market overcame this 'valley of despondency' and began to offer devices that could fully be called uncompromising. Almost.

Why I advise everyone to buy the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

Galaxy A51 and A71 are prohibitively cheap for such cool smartphones

In my opinion, there are two uncompromising smartphone models on the market today, or at least very close to being considered such. These are Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. Despite the fact that they belong to the middle or even the initial price segment, these are really very curious devices that are attractive not only for their flagship appearance and advanced functionality for their price, but also for their potential. It is largely thanks to him that I recommend these smartphones for purchase.

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Why I advise everyone to buy the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

'Multi-shot' mode allows you to shoot with all cameras at once

I warn you right away: today I will not talk about the characteristics of smartphones, especially since I analyzed them in detail in this and this article, but I will focus on the chips that make the devices, which will be discussed below, really cool and even in some something kind of unique. After all, what they offer today cannot be offered even by many flagship smartphones costing under a thousand dollars, not to mention state employees, to whom they, in general, belong.

When I talk about the potential of a smartphone, I mean the manufacturer's interest in its after-sales service. The low retail price at which Samsung is offering the Galaxy A51 and A71 has not affected this aspect, and the company has made it clear that it plans to actively improve them. Moreover, Samsung, unlike some, consistently and timely releases security updates for these smartphones on a par with flagship models, and also provides them with flagship functions.

How to shoot with all cameras at once

Why I advise everyone to buy the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

Quick Share technology is similar to AirDrop. Only from Samsung

Samsung released an update this week that added support for at least two features to the Galaxy A51 and A71 firmware for owners of the Galaxy S20 line.

  • Multi-frame is a special mode that allows you to take photos and videos at once on all cameras of your smartphone. Then artificial intelligence analyzes the received frames and gives out the best or allows you to save everything that was filmed and choose your favorite moments yourself.
  • Quick Share is Samsung's wireless data sharing technology that is analogous to AirDrop from Apple. It works on the basis of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, combining both protocols and due to this developing high transfer rates. At the same time, Internet connection is not required to establish a connection and exchange.

Perhaps the appearance of only two new functions in the One UI firmware for the Galaxy A51 and A71 will seem insufficient to someone, but their importance must be taken into account. To date, there are no other Samsung non-flagship smartphones that support 'Multi-frame' and Quick Share, which means that these innovations can be considered exclusive. Moreover, a very useful exclusive. After all, the overwhelming majority of modern smartphones not only cannot shoot with all cameras at once, but also transmit data wirelessly.

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