Which smartphones Android to choose for games

Despite the fact that cloud gaming is rightfully considered the new trend today, the classic games that need to be downloaded and installed are still here. Moreover, it is for the sake of them that many manufacturers are constantly increasing the performance of their smartphones, optimizing and configuring them in every possible way. By this logic, it obviously follows that the ideal smartphone for gaming is a gaming smartphone from Asus, Nubia or ZTE. But no matter how it is. Because the ideal smartphone for gaming is the one that the developers themselves paid attention to.

Which smartphones Android to choose for games

Gaming smartphones don't exist. There are responsible developers

Let's start with the fact that on Android the games are almost unoptimized. No, they can run, work out a stable picture with special effects and manage not to crash. But, if you dig a little deeper, it turns out that all the available optimization is extremely superficial and does not affect the features of a particular smartphone. But on iOS everything is different. In the development toolkit, which Apple provides to developers, all the data on the current hardware combinations found in iPhone and iPad are already pre-loaded.

Why iOS games perform better than Android

Which smartphones Android to choose for games

PUBG will have 90 FPS mode, but not for everyone

For this reason, the developers take into account all hardware setups, and the games that they release for iOS manage to work perfectly even on processors 4-5 years old and with 2-3 GB of RAM, while on Android you simply cannot imagine something like that. There, for this to happen, it is necessary that the developer himself took up the adaptation of his game for a specific smartphone. But since there are so many smartphones on Android, they usually don't do it. True, exceptions are made from time to time.

Tencent has promised to release an exclusive PUBG Mobile update for OnePlus 7 / 7T and 8/8 Pro smartphones, Galaxy S20, Pixel 4, Galaxy Note 20, Asus ROG Phone II and Razer Phone 2, bringing support for 90 mode FPS. Thanks to him, the picture that the user sees will be processed at a speed of 90 frames per second. This is really a lot, since most even flagship devices today operate at a maximum of 30 fps. But it is the frame rate that will determine how smooth the picture will be and how accurate the gamer's actions will be.

Which smartphones are best for gaming

In this case, the key requirement to support the mode is the presence of a screen with a refresh rate of 90/120 Hz. Therefore, it is definitely not worth expecting that the 90 FPS mode will appear on smartphones with screens with a lower frequency. Another thing is that this innovation did not appear by itself, but required special optimization, which the Tencent developers were not too lazy to carry out, choosing their favorites. After all, the fact is that there are much more devices with displays of 90 Hz and more, forgive the paradox. This is Xiaomi Mi 10, and the whole new line Realme, and some Oppo models, etc.

Which smartphones Android to choose for games

If you want to choose a gaming smartphone – at least conditionally – pay attention to the number of modes available in the games that you want to play

The postulate that the gaming orientation of a smartphone depends on the desire of game developers has been confirmed more than once in the past. The most revealing of these was the adaptation of Fortnite to operate in 60 FPS mode. The Epic Games developers simply took a dozen devices – not even the newest ones – and simply optimized the game for them, providing them with a smoother picture. The first among them were Galaxy Note 9, Honor View 20 and Huawei Mate 20 X. But these are far from flagships, many of which have not received this mode so far.

What conclusion can be drawn from this? Alas, there are no truly gaming smartphones. Those manufacturers who paint their devices in parrot colors, build active cooling into their cases, and frame them with neon illumination – they are just flirting with those who are ready to take on this husk. And if you are looking for a device that is better than others for games, browse the Internet and see which models support various settings, modes and configurations in those games that you are going to stick to. There are simply no other criteria for gaming.

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