Which Android – the smartphone is more like iPhone than others

For some reason, it has always been assumed that the only analogue iPhone from the world Android can only be considered a smartphone from the Google Pixel line. Affected by a longer and more stable support than all other devices, a privileged position in the account with Google and rather high prices. Quite frankly, a rather dubious list of reasons, but for those who dreamed of iPhone, but for some reason could not afford it, they were quite enough. But over time, Google seriously slipped so much on the part of smartphones and began to rivet something completely incomprehensible. Whether it is Samsung.

Which Android - the smartphone is more like iPhone than others

Galaxy Note 20, not Pixel 4, is most similar to iPhone

With all the shortcomings of the new Galaxy Note 20, which I talked about in a separate article, this smartphone is the most similar to Android, both in terms of the timing of the guaranteed update and the range of available functions. But if the software support that Samsung introduced quite recently, promising all new flagships not 2, but 3 years of update, we have already discussed and sincerely rejoiced at the achievements of the Koreans, then we will discuss the functionality – at least one of them – in somehow did not bother to bustle.

Android – Ultra Wideband smartphone

Galaxy Note 20 became the first smartphone on Android to receive Ultra Wideband support. In fact, it is something in between Bluetooth, NFC and GPS, because it can be used for both data transmission over a wireless connection and for spatial orientation, providing a more accurate determination of the current geolocation than Wi -Fi and GPS.

Which Android - the smartphone is more like iPhone than others

Ultra Wideband is a versatile and highly useful technology

The high precision of Ultra Wideband comes from the way the technology works. It works like a radar, detecting how long it takes for a signal to reach a target and return. Based on the received data, the chip performs calculations and understands how far from it the object with which communication has been established is located. This makes it very convenient, for example, to find search trackers and other Ultra Wideband compatible devices.

And thanks to directional antennas, Ultra Wideband can determine not only the distance, but also the direction of the signal. The ability to determine the direction of the signal allows you to conveniently exchange files wirelessly. For example iPhone uses Ultra Wideband paired with AirDrop. It allows you not to select the addressee of the shipment in the interface window. You just need to point your smartphone at your opponent and confirm the transfer. It seems like pampering, but such a mechanism really helps if you need to transfer the file in a place of a large crowd of people.

Why Ultra Wideband is needed

Which Android - the smartphone is more like iPhone than others

Transferring data, finding lost devices and managing external gadgets – Ultra Wideband can do it all

Ultra Wideband is a very promising technology, and Samsung made the right choice by integrating it into its smartphones. Not only did she do the same Apple, and she doesn’t make bad decisions, but with the help of Ultra Wideband it will be possible to solve several problems at once:

  • Search and find lost items;
  • Transfer files without internet connection;
  • Unlock the door lock and start the car;
  • Connect to audio systems and control playback.

In general, there are really many scenarios for using Ultra Wideband. Now the main thing is that Samsung does not forget about the existence of this technology and develops it a little more actively than it does Apple. Indeed, despite the fact that Cupertino was the first to think of using Ultra Wideband in smartphones, data transmission remains the main and only function of the innovation. But unlocking doors, starting engines, controlling audio systems and other delights of wireless technologies have not yet bothered to assign to UWB in Cupertino.

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