When will the Galaxy Note 20 come out and what it will be

Galaxy Note smartphones have always been the coolest in the Samsung lineup. Therefore, so that they did not compete with Galaxy S devices, they were released six months later. As a rule, the 'laptops' had exactly the same hardware as the 'eski', but at the same time they were distinguished by an enlarged screen, support for a stylus, which from the very first generation became their distinctive feature, and batteries of a larger capacity. It is these differences that made them incredibly popular even among those who, in general, did not need a stylus from a word at all. The tradition will continue this year.

When will the Galaxy Note 20 come out and what it will be

Galaxy Note 20 will be released in three versions at once

The Galaxy Note 20 presentation is due on August 5. Despite the fact that Samsung has not yet officially announced this, colleagues from SamMobile have already found out all the necessary information. It turns out that in addition to the Galaxy Note 20, the new Galaxy Fold will be presented on the same day. It is not yet fully known whether it will be a simplified Galaxy Fold Lite with a lower price than the original, or a full-fledged Galaxy Fold 2, which will be better in everything than its predecessor and, possibly, more expensive. However, this is not about him now, but about the Galaxy Note 20, which promises to be no less interesting.

What will be the Galaxy Note 20

When will the Galaxy Note 20 come out and what it will be

Galaxy Note 20 promises to be better in everything than Galaxy Note 10 and even Galaxy S20

Externally, the Galaxy Note 20 is unlikely to undergo major changes. Still, it was not for nothing that Samsung tried to bring the entire lineup to a common style: a square body, a flat display, an island-style cutout in the middle of the screen and a main camera of four modules inscribed into an outstanding square pedestal. But this is just general design code. From a technical point of view, the Galaxy Note 20 will probably be the most advanced device on the market in principle.

What you need to know about the Galaxy Note 20

When will the Galaxy Note 20 come out and what it will be

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will get the same camera as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but Samsung will artificially cut it

  • Galaxy Note 20 will be released in three versions: Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20+ and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra;
  • Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ will receive AMOLED – displays with a diagonal of 6.7 inches;
  • The top Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will receive a 6.9-inch LTPO display with a 120 Hz refresh rate, a 4500 mAh battery and a 108 megapixel camera;
  • The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's camera will be deprived of 100x zoom support like the Galaxy S20 Ultra;
  • The hardware base of all Galaxy Note 20 will be the Exynos 992 (for Europe) and Snapdragon 865 (for the US and Asia) processors;
  • The amount of RAM Galaxy Note 20 will be from 12 to 16 GB, depending on the configuration;
  • The S Pen will receive support for additional pressure levels, new functions for controlling the smartphone interface and a more comfortable grip design.

Which is better: Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy S20

When will the Galaxy Note 20 come out and what it will be

Galaxy Note 20 should cost more than Galaxy S20 so that sales of the latter do not fall completely

The coolest and most technologically advanced model, as you might guess, will, of course, be the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Despite this, Samsung, in order not to create internal competition with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, deprived the laptop of support for 100x zoom, keeping the same camera. Obviously, this limitation is artificial. Say, the owners of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have so many privileges compared to other models. But zoom alone will not be enough here. After all, few people take photos with 100x magnification on a regular basis, especially since the quality of such images leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra must have some other repulsive factor helping to keep demand for the S20 Ultra.

In my opinion, this factor will be the price. If the Galaxy S20 Ultra started at $ 1399, then, in my opinion, it would be logical if Samsung set the price of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at $ 1499-1599. Thus, a user who does not need a stylus, but needs the most advanced camera on the market, will pay attention to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and those who really have no idea how to use a smartphone without a stylus will rely on a 'laptop', even if for this you will have to pay an additional $ 100-200. Profit!

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