What will the new OnePlus be called and why it is so

The sphere of news in the world of high technologies looks somehow strange lately. Particularly in the mobile world, we are always waiting for something. First we waited for MWC, then for the release of OnePlus 8, we are still waiting for the Google Pixel 4a, which has already begun to lose interest. The release of the new pixel, according to many analysts and insiders, was postponed until July 3, and formally we can still make it. It is unlikely that it will be, even though the Google Pixel 3a has started giving away at a discount again. It is too iconic product to roll out without an announcement or at least a wave of “rumors the day before.” Without waiting for the pixel, we began to wait for a cheap OnePlus and it will definitely be very soon. Only with the date and name is still unclear, but the answer to some of the questions is already there.

What will the new OnePlus be called and why it is so

The name of the new OnePlus phone is no longer a mystery, but why it is.

Why is there no cheap OnePlus

In February and March of this year, we were waiting for the April presentation of three new OnePlus. Beyond what we were presented with, we wanted a relatively affordable OnePlus 8 Lite. Then it did not work out and in hot pursuit we got nothing but disappointment. In fact, it turned out that the company just learned how to make money and did exactly the right thing to maximize profits.

If they had all three phone models at once, most would just buy the Lite version, bringing the company less money. This year it would definitely have happened that way, especially against the backdrop of the financial crisis and the fact that people around the world do not have a lot of money.

Instead, the company showed expensive models. Firstly, someone does not care and they bought such, and secondly, the company raised the bar. Due to the fact that the bar has become so high, when a relatively budget smartphone comes out, people will rush to buy it. Only by this time OnePlus will already sell a decent number of flagships. As a result, this will almost not negatively affect the sales of the state employee. Almost certainly the total number of smartphones will be bought by the brand's fans about the same, but with the time spread of presentations, the share of expensive devices will be significantly higher.

What will the new OnePlus be called and why it is so

OnePlus is loved for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are simply inexplicable.

This is the math. The company has shown that it is no longer just an enthusiast, or as they say in motorsport, a “garage operator”, but a full-fledged tycoon with claims for big sales and solid profits. It all went to this back in the days of OnePlus 5, but not everyone wanted to notice it.

What will the new OnePlus be called

We wondered for a long time between OnePlus Z (as a tribute to the memory of OnePlus X, which came out five years ago) and OnePlus 8 Lite, which would be logical from a marketing point of view and referring to the new line, so that customers do not feel like using the old model.

The executives even hinted that the company is ready to change everything again and “rock the boat again”. Then everyone began to think that it would be the “Z” model, as a reference to the old days, which came back again and again brought the model outside the main line. And at the same time it would become very cheap and that would also be a “rocking”.

Instead, OnePlus recently confirmed that its upcoming budget smartphone will carry the 'Nord' name, and the company's co-founder decided to explain the rationale behind this choice.

The answer turned out to be very poetic and one that should have been liked by real IT romantics. In his Twitter Carl Pei said that he is often asked what name the new OnePlus will get and gave a “quick answer”.

He stated that the name Nord should symbolize “the inner compass that guides us” and that it “reminds us to always look for our true north.”

What will the new OnePlus be called and why it is so

There is no longer any doubt. This is the main name.

When will OnePlus Nord come out

The exact date is not yet clear, but the count will definitely go on for days. According to some sources, the presentation may take place on July 10, and sales will start on July 15. It is impossible to argue that it will be so, but it is unlikely that the dates will change greatly and, most likely, this month we will see a novelty.

OnePlus has already launched a new smartphone backup. It is a reservation, not a preliminary order, since an order (even a preliminary one) is based on a specific product with specific specs. It's too early to talk about it here, and therefore, reservation is more logical.

OnePlus Z specifications

OnePlus Nord will be the company's new budget smartphone. It will be the spiritual successor to the OnePlus X, which launched alongside the OnePlus 2 half a decade ago.

Nord will launch in India and Europe, at least initially. The device will be powered by Snapdragon 76 5G, which has already been confirmed. Hence, it will keep connecting 5G.

What will the new OnePlus be called and why it is so

The novelty could be like this. It may not be. We will tell you about everything in our Telegram chat.

Most likely, this phone will be made of metal and glass. It is also expected to have two front and four main cameras.

The device will ship with Android 10 'out of the box', with the proprietary OxygenOS shell on top. It remains to be seen if the new product will be resistant to water and dust, but I would not count on it. Most likely, this and wireless charging will be the first to be saved.

But the new product will have fast charging, without which OnePlus simply cannot. It will be 30-watt, but so far this is also not certain.

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