What smartphones can you buy for the price iPhone SE 2020

The new iPhone SE 2020 just won over many users. The most modern filling, compact body and adequate price did their job and almost half of the editorial office Android Insider.ru without much hesitation made a pre-order for the new product, without waiting for the partners Apple, where it can be would buy at a discount. Almost all those who ordered explained this by fears of a shortage, which could well arise, given the combination of price and characteristics and the long-awaited model. But there are smartphones from the same price range that could be bought instead of iPhone SE 2020.

What smartphones can you buy for the price iPhone SE 2020

Looking for something to replace iPhone SE 2020? We have options

Why Pixel 3 is better iPhone SE 2020

The main competitor iPhone SE 2020 is considered by many users to be Pixel 3. Firstly, it has a relatively small body, secondly, it is a flagship, albeit of the previous generation, and thirdly, it is sold at a roughly comparable price at 33-35 thousand rubles, depending on the store. What's more, like the iPhone SE 2020, the Pixel 3 can be considered a camera phone. Despite the single main camera module, the last-generation Google flagship has some pretty attractive features. Not only can it take portraits, it also has support for Night Shift.

What smartphones can you buy for the price iPhone SE 2020

Pixel 3 is a real camera phone that surpasses even iPhone SE 2020

This is a special frame bleaching technology that allows you to make a photo taken in low light conditions brighter and brighter, and therefore more detailed. But the iPhone SE 2020 does not have this feature, although the A13 Bionic processor theoretically allows you to shoot in the dark. Therefore, if you are only interested in photo quality, you can pay attention to Pixel 3, but do not forget that from next year its support will end and it will not receive more software updates, including monthly security patches.

Compact analogue iPhone SE 2020 on Android

The second contender to buy together iPhone SE 2020 is the Galaxy S10e. I myself called it the main alternative to the new product because of its compact size and comparable price. Personally, in terms of usability and functionality, the Galaxy S10e is in many ways an even more preferred device in my opinion. Still, there is reversible charging, a telephoto lens, a 3000 mAh battery, and a display with equal dimensions is much larger.

What smartphones can you buy for the price iPhone SE 2020

Galaxy S10e – comfortable and compact

On the other hand, if you need long-term software support, brand status and the most productive hardware to date, then you are clearly not for the Galaxy S10e. Firstly, it will no longer be updated next year, secondly, Samsung does not sound as prestigious as Apple, and thirdly, the Galaxy S10e has the hardware of the 2018 model year, and the new iPhone SE – 2019. However, there is a nuance here. The A13 Bionic processor, even being last year, turns out to be even more powerful than the Snapdragon 865, which was released only this year.

Why you need a gaming smartphone

It is logical that for high performance you need to go for a gaming smartphone, since there are a lot of such on the market Android. One of the most interesting models that are on sale today and which more or less match iPhone SE 2020 in terms of price and performance is Nubia Red Magic 3S. It's worth buying if you want the highest performing machine for the money. The manufacturer did not bother with the camera, equipping the smartphone with only one module, but paid attention to the rest of the characteristics.

What smartphones can you buy for the price iPhone SE 2020

Gaming smartphones are purely about design, and therefore run games no better than other devices

At the heart of the device from Nubia is a Snapdragon 855+ processor, 12 GB of RAM and a graphics coprocessor Adreno 640. Yes, this is not the most powerful filling to date, but clearly one of the most powerful in the price category up to 40 thousand rubles. In addition, the built-in battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, which is quite solid even by the standards of 2020. Well, the cherry on the cake is a real cooler, which is responsible for cooling the existing hardware. True, in my opinion, this is just a bait to attract attention, but if you are looking for something productive and playable, then take Red Magic 3S.

Should you buy Huawei P40

Huawei P40 – is one of the competitors of iPhone SE 2020 in terms of photographic capabilities. Huawei has equipped its new flagship with a triple camera system with a telephoto lens, ultra-wide and a 50MP main module with autofocus. From this point of view, the new flagship of the Chinese clearly looks better than the iPhone SE 2020, and the P40's appearance will obviously be more attractive. Still, the full-screen design with a cutout for the island-type front camera can be a decisive factor for many when choosing.

What smartphones can you buy for the price iPhone SE 2020

Huawei P40 is beautiful and powerful, but not as comfortable as iPhone SE 2

However, if you are looking for a compact device, then the Huawei P40 is clearly not for you. Still, it is noticeably larger both in width and height than iPhone SE 2020. Yes, the Chinese have a 6.1-inch display, while iPhone SE has only 4 , 7. But, as a rule, those who are looking for a small smartphone that would fit anatomically comfortably in the hand do not care too much about the diagonals. However, remember that with Huawei P40 you will have problems with contactless payment, because it does not support Google Pay, and with downloading popular applications, because Google Play does not work on it.

What to choose: iPhone XR or iPhone SE 2020

iPhone XR, whatever one may say, is also an alternative to iPhone SE 2020 and is included in its price category. Yes, it works on the basis of iOS, not Android, but this does not mean that it should be discounted, especially since from a hardware point of view, it is quite close to a new product. Well, see for yourself: the A12 and A13 processors have similar processing power, the RAM in both smartphones is 3 GB, and the camera has only one 12 MP module and an aperture rate of F / 1.8. Only the sizes of each pixel differ. If iPhone SE 2020 is 1.22 microns, then iPhone XR is 1.4 microns. The gain is small, but it allows the iPhone XR sensor to capture more light and, in theory, produce brighter images.

What smartphones can you buy for the price iPhone SE 2020

iPhone XR is very good even against the background of the new iPhone SE

For the price of iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone XR in Russia are also about the same. iPhone SE 2020 in official retail costs 39,990 rubles, and iPhone XR – 40,990 rubles. The difference of just a thousand rubles is not so significant, but for it you will get an enlarged display, one of the best-in-class battery life indicators and support for Face ID. However, there are also disadvantages: thick bezels around the edges of the display and not the most compact body that can be found on the market today.

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