What I like the most about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 . And what is the least …

Finally, Samsung has given birth to its second generation foldable smartphone. He should be appreciated at least for the fact that he came out. The concept of the first foldable smartphone (it was exactly the first) proved that it must continue, and the company continued to spend huge money on development. Of course, it also has something to criticize for and there are enough minuses in it, but there is a very interesting thing in it, which in the future can result in a useful function that people will really use. Of course, this will take some time, but so far everything looks very good. Although, there is something that I do not like. I predicted this while the phone was not yet and now I realized that it was bad. But first things first.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has many advantages, but not everyone sees them.

The main plus of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The miracle did not happen, and the new foldable smartphone did not start selling for a penny. The public and journalists most of all discussed the fact that the smartphone has one and a half times larger external screen compared to its predecessors. I will not joke about the fact that the size is not the main thing, or that for some people this is a sore point, since an increase in the external screen will actually have an extremely positive effect on the usability of the device.

At the same time, many have forgotten about one interesting function that interested me no less than the new display.

Should you buy the Galaxy Z Fold 2

If you want a foldable device, there are several reasons why you want the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but the software is probably the main one. Compared to the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has improved software features that better realize its main feature, the foldable display.

Since this is not the first Samsung foldable device, we can safely say that the company had already stuffed its bumps on it and knew perfectly well what needed to be improved and added to the second generation. At the moment I'm talking about Flex Mode. Moreover, it seems to me that this particular mode will allow realizing the potential of the new smartphone at a much higher level than before.

fold 2

Clamshells as a technology are still interesting.

Flex Mode is a feature that makes applications work differently. For example, you are using an open phone and the application is full screen. But what happens if you close your phone? Everything will be fine, as the application will automatically move to the external display. This is great for apps we use on the go. This applies to messengers, navigators, videos and much more.

Moreover, in this mode, the smartphone can determine whether it is fully open or only half open. In this case, you can activate other application functions. For example, put your smartphone like a mini-laptop and watch a video while reading comments at the same time.

This function can be implemented in educational applications, in work and entertainment. In short, in all, whose developers will try at least a little. I am sure that they will find how to use this new tool, because it is he who distinguishes folding smartphones from ordinary ones.

At a time when everyone en masse switched to video calls, you can set your smartphone so that it takes pictures of you, and you see not only the interlocutor, but can also send some files through this or another messenger. This is already multitasking, but it can also be used.

Foldable phone

It is folding that must be used to gain new opportunities.

You can read the news at the same time, for example, in our Telegram chat and watch the video on YouTube with one eye or use such opportunities for work. It should be understood that when you close the smartphone completely, only the necessary application will go to the external screen. And if you open up to the end, then something else good will happen. This is again a question for the developers and their creative approach to business.

In Dex mode, such a smartphone feature can be even more in demand, and the gadget can literally be turned into a good manipulator or something like that.

Such innovations may be considered invisible by many, but they are the ones that change everything. It's like a front camera, which at one time seemed to many as a function for a function's sake, but time has passed and manufacturers have to rack their brains how to save it, because only a few will buy a phone without it.

Fold in hand

Would you like such a smartphone, if you forget about the price?

What's wrong with the new foldable Samsung

The new smartphone also has what I think is just unnecessary nonsense. Not even that … It looks more like an attempt to confuse the audience, although in fact it was done for a completely opposite purpose.

Samsung now calls all its foldable smartphones using the letter “Z”. It seems completely redundant to me. Not only does the letter not even resemble the principle of folding a smartphone, but it is also an extra lengthening.

Remember the name Galaxy Fold. It sounded cool and biting, and attribution of some kind of “Z” here spoils the whole picture. You may not agree with this, but such a move looks strange and more repulsive than attractive. Also, when you use Punto Switcher, this 'Z' constantly changes to 'I'. Enrages! But okay, that's more of a joke.

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