Time is like that. Fortnite will show a new movie

Now a lot is changing and the usual schemes for obtaining content are fading into the background. This is due to many factors. Chief among them was the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which interferes with organizing concerts and film screenings. But there is also a desire to show people something new and somehow attract a new audience. In search of such solutions, content producers sometimes offer something very unusual. For example, this summer Christopher Nolan is set to show one of his films in a Fortnite game. It is difficult to say who will benefit from this cooperation, but the situation is interesting.

Time is like that.  Fortnite will show a new movie

Fortnite already has a lot.

Fortnite Cinema

Christopher Nolan partnered with Epic Games to unveil a new Tenet trailer in Fortnite. This in itself should attract attention, as something unusual and has not yet become a standard phenomenon. Following the event, Jeff Keighley announced that one of Nolan's films would air in this game. Probably, it can be called the most popular game in the world. At least among mobile gamers.

There is no official word yet on when the movie will be shown in-game. It also does not say what kind of film it will be. However, a small hint of an imminent launch is the recording of Jeff Kayley, who organized the event. In the post, he says that “Christopher Nolan will host a free full screening of one of his iconic Fortnite films this summer for all fans this summer.”

Time is like that.  Fortnite will show a new movie

The film will be.

The film will air this summer and will be completely free to fans, according to Kayleigh. It is likely that the movie will be shown in Fortnite's new Party Royale mode. Players have no weapons in this mode. It is needed solely so that users can just have fun and relax in the familiar world, but without the need to constantly be on the alert and fight.

Fortnite Collaborations

Fortnite is no stranger to collaborating with popular films, but this will be the first time a full-length feature film has been broadcast in-game. The game previously partnered with Star Wars to show players an exclusive clip from Star Wars called Rise of Skywalker. There were other activities in the game that related to clips, films and other games.

The movie will not be exclusive to Fortnite. In addition, it will be shown in cinemas. So far, the premiere is scheduled for July 17, 2020, but in the context of a pandemic, it is difficult to say that the date will not shift. Of course, in some countries cinemas work, but, most likely, the launch will take place only when it is possible to show it in the main markets.

Indirectly, this may lead to the fact that the premiere in Fortnite will also shift, but it is too early to talk about it. Most likely, the caution and vagueness of statements is due precisely to the fact that it is not yet entirely clear when the movie will be released on the wide screen. After that, it will be possible to talk about in-game impressions that do not bring money.

Time is like that.  Fortnite will show a new movie

Interesting things happen in Fortnite's Special Mode.

The question of who benefits from such a collaboration is not easy to answer unequivocally. All due to the fact that it is beneficial to both, but someone more (probably). On the one hand, Nolan, as I reasoned at the very beginning, is promoting his film to a new audience, but this will not bring money, which is important in terms of producing new films. Yes, this will give excellent statistics on the number of views, but why all this …

On the other hand, Fortnite is interested in such screenings due to the fact that this way it will be able to promote its game. More people will enter it to watch the movie. Many will deliberately join the game and stay in it in the future. So the company will increase its audience and, consequently, income. Excellent advertising is obtained. Surely Epic Games paid something for this.

How virtual reality replaces the real world

In general, an interesting picture emerges against the background of all that is happening. There have been many cases in cinema and books when people got into computer reality and got stuck in it. So it was in one of the “Spy Kids” films, as well as in the movie “Ready Player One”. It turns out that what is shown in these films is not something fantastic. Now everything goes to the fact that people really go into virtual reality, and companies that develop and promote these worlds create conditions under which a person wants to immerse himself in reality again and again and look at the world from it. Or even replace the real world with it.

Time is like that.  Fortnite will show a new movie

A still from the movie Ready Player One.

Many people present it as the plot of some dark dystopia, but in general there is something about it. Unless we talk about those who believe that our world is already a computer simulation.

In general, I like the idea and it seems cool to me when computer reality creates a kind of world in which it is pleasant to be. This allows you to switch to something and relax. The main thing is not to go too deep into it, otherwise problems may begin. But here, as with any other thing, the main thing is to know when to stop and everything will be fine. After all, hot peppers give food a good taste, but eating it with spoons is a trick.

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