This is the most popular Android smartphone of 2020. Why does everyone want him

Despite the fact that the market Android – smartphones is quite extensive, there are not so many methods for choosing a new device. More often than not, people just see this or that model from their friends or colleagues, twirl it in their hands and, having received the owner's approval, go to buy the same for themselves. This approach is not bad, but its key drawback is randomness. After all, if you came across not this one, but another familiar with another device, the likelihood that you would have chosen this particular device increases exponentially. Another thing is that there are smartphones that are more common than others. For example, Galaxy A51.

This is the most popular Android smartphone of 2020.  Why does everyone want him

Galaxy A51 is the most popular Android smartphone in 2020. And this is logical

The Galaxy A51, which Samsung replaced last year's Galaxy A50, became theAndroidselling smartphone under control in Q1 2020. This trend is observed in many countries of the world, including in Russia, according to the data of Yandex.Market. This is not surprising, since the Galaxy A51 is a really good device for its money, which I could safely call the most profitable device available in Russian retail today. Why? Let's figure it out.

How much is the Galaxy A51

This is the most popular Android smartphone of 2020.  Why does everyone want him

Galaxy A51 in Russia costs more than 2 times cheaper than in the USA

If we open Yandex.Market, we will see that the price of the Galaxy A51 in Russia starts at 15,990 rubles. Yes, it will almost certainly be a gray retail, but you can wait for some kind of promotion and snatch a smartphone for this money from the officials. My personal observation of the market situation has shown that this is a fairly common phenomenon, therefore, I suggest that further reasoning be guided by this figure. It would seem that it is a budget smartphone, and the only benefit that its owner will receive is savings. But this is not quite, or rather, not at all.

Why the Galaxy A51 is good

Few know that the original price of the Galaxy A51 in the US is $ 399, and in Europe it is 369 euros, or $ 402 with a direct currency conversion. Hence, there are so many chips that are completely atypical for budget smartphones.

  • Absolutely authentic and completely 'flagship' design;
  • As many as four cameras, among which there are ultra-wide-angle and macro modules;
  • Fingerprint scanner integrated into the display;
  • AMOLED – really high quality display;
  • Stable software support from the manufacturer.

Why buy the Galaxy A51

This is the most popular Android smartphone of 2020.  Why does everyone want him

Galaxy A51 is very profitable because in many countries Samsung sells it cheaper than it should

If you look at it, usually budget smartphones cannot boast of anything like that, and if they can, then obviously not in such quantity. However, the price of $ 400 is not a sign of a budget smartphone, but quite an average one, which is even closer in quality to the flagship. By the way, exactly the same amount is worth iPhone SE 2020. Only in Russia, the new sub-flagship Apple was estimated at 40 thousand rubles, and Galaxy A51 – at 16-20 thousand, that is, in more than two times cheaper at the same initial price.

It is clear that Samsung has set such a price on the Galaxy A51 in Russia (and in many developing countries, however, too) to capture the market. The company knows how strong the positions of Chinese manufacturers are here, to which it must seriously compete. But she did not succeed in trying to crush the market for herself with the Galaxy S10e, and the devices of the Galaxy A line of 2018 were not affordable enough. Therefore, the Koreans took, and reduced the price of the Galaxy A51 to incredible limits, shifting part of the compensation burden on the buyers of the flagship Galaxy S20.

Still have questions, why is the A51 so profitable?

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