This element of modern phones pisses me off the most.

A few years ago, someone decided that there should be a notch in smartphone screens. One of the first to suggest such an idea was Apple and Essential, led by Andy Rubin. Then this could be explained by the fact that framelessness cannot be achieved in other ways. People got angry, angry and calmed down for a while. If you really can't, then you have to be patient. Huawei even suggested covering up this cutout so it doesn't get an eyesore. As a result, time has passed, but things are still there. We have all sorts of ways to spoil the screen, but almost no one makes the decision to give it the right shape. How much longer will this last and how long must I endure this ugliness! Against the backdrop of the latest news from Samsung, it seems that it will take a long time. Although…

This element of modern phones pisses me off the most.

The camera in a smartphone is good, but it needs to be modified.

Disadvantages of phones with a hole in the screen

Most of all I am outraged by the manufacturers who “ride a white horse” and say that they are so great and made the screen of the correct form. Only there is a hole in this screen! And it is not necessary to say that this is a hole, but a hole in another place. There are enough techies here, but this is really a hole. I say this in the most derogatory way.

I do not really recognize the outgoing cameras of smartphones, although I find them interesting. But even they were much more interesting in terms of screen use. In these smartphones, it really was the right shape. Even though they sometimes had a slightly wider scope, at least they did not have this pimple. I would not buy such a smartphone, but I am upset that such a decision had to be sacrificed for the sake of 5G. At least there was some kind of outlet.

This element of modern phones pisses me off the most.

So far, only a sliding camera can rid the smartphone screen of cutouts and holes.

Until recently, my main complaint about embedded cameras was that the manufacturers were proud of them and wanted to prove to everyone that it was cool. It really worked on the most impressionable. Now even technologically it can no longer be justified. It's time to do something. Moreover, there are all the necessary technologies for this. But manufacturers are either afraid to take risks, or they really cannot do the right thing.

The main and main disadvantage will be that such a camera in the front panel looks like dirt on the screen. It is impossible to get rid of the thought that some kind of dirt has stuck to the screen or a fat fly has landed, if there are two cameras. This is especially noticeable when watching videos with a light background.

Much less evil is the notch in the screen. It is much easier to abstract from it. During normal use, the “ears” of this screen very conveniently hide the time and other service information, and in games or when watching a video, you often just close this part with your finger.

All the same, even the cut must be abandoned and as soon as possible, otherwise now we will sit on self-isolation, get embittered within four walls, and then there are these deformities. Do not do like this…

What will be the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

For several months now, rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy Fold have been dripping on top of us. Sometimes there is something interesting, but more often you just want to shake them off faster. Such news came this time too.

Earlier there was information that the new generation of Samsung Galaxy Fold will have a camera built into the screen. It's not even that this is good news and will strongly distinguish the new product from the first generation. By and large, he doesn't even need such a camera, but the very fact that the technology would break out of the labs, like Bennett turned into the Hulk, was very encouraging.

Now industry expert Ross Young has said the manufacturer has scrapped plans for this radical technology …

This element of modern phones pisses me off the most.

Much better when this is …

This element of modern phones pisses me off the most.

… why so.

On Twitter, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants responded to a tweet from XDA's Max Weinbach that there would be no cameras on the screen. Here's another hope for a bright future for front-facing cameras dashed.

In fact, even without this, all recent rumors boil down to the fact that there will be no front-end under the screen. There is a hope that such a camera may simply not work as it should in such a smartphone form factor, but, most likely, the problem is more global.

Some time ago, CEO Redmi Lu Weibing already talked about the fact that under-screen cameras exist, but the company is not satisfied with the quality of the images obtained. Most likely, in the case of Samsung, we have the same problems. OPPO has similar developments, but they are also in no hurry to roll out the new product. Personally, in my eyes, the leader of the industry will be the one who nevertheless decides to do this and will please us with such a camera first. Even if she will shoot worse than current cameras, this is temporary. I am ready to endure and for such a smartphone I would be ready to pay. It's much better than another clamshell that looks like something with a fold in the middle.

I have no doubt that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be better than the regular Galaxy Fold, but the latest news is very frustrating.

Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy

Why Samsung Galaxy? Yes, because this is all the top-end that Samsung has. This year we were shown smartphones that were nothing new. Even the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was supposed to break templates, proved to be a flop for some users. We are aware of the problems with Exynos processors and Samsung should be aware of this, but why then is it experimenting on the $ 1,400 model and not something simpler? Why upset users so much?

Although this year the front camera in the screen is very small, but it is there. If things go on like this, then, most likely, by next year, the novelty will also be a terrible dream of trypophobia (trypophobia – fear of holes). We need to do something about it. Grab your pencils and drawing boards and stop adding camera modes! Make a really new camera already. Everyone will thank you.

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