The Galaxy Z Flip 'ultra-thin glass' is a regular plastic. Or is it not?

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone at Unpacked 2020. We have already shared our opinion about this device. The phone in its form factor repeats the previously presented Motorola Razr. And if with the release of Fold the Koreans offered us a foldable tablet, today we are really talking about a foldable compact phone. During the presentation of the device, the company stated that it uses a very thin layer of glass, and this is supposedly a very cool development that everyone will like, but that was not the case.

The Galaxy Z Flip 'ultra-thin glass' is a regular plastic.  Or is it not?

Samsung fooled everyone with the Galaxy Z Flip

The popular tech blogger JerryRigEverything, already known to many, shared a video on his channel with testing the Galaxy Z Flip for strength. The result may surprise many:

From the first minutes, he began testing the phone screen, because it was this moment that worried our colleague – and we as well – most of all. Surprisingly, even at the first stage, the device's screen could not stand it – there were slight scratches on it. Our colleague stated that the usual plastic behaves in the same way in the Galaxy Fold and other folding devices. But that's not all. The blogger decided to run his fingernail across the screen, and after that there were noticeable deep scratches on it.

The Galaxy Z Flip 'ultra-thin glass' is a regular plastic.  Or is it not?

Samsung Says Z Flip Uses Ultra-Thin Glass On Official Website

Clearly Samsung has fooled everyone by claiming that the Galaxy Z Flip uses a thin layer of revolutionary glass. It really is here, but hidden under a layer of plastic. We found out about this with the help of a video by another YouTube user, in which he decided to detach the plastic protection from the screen to make sure there was no glass:

Imagine his surprise when, under the plastic film, he collided with a thin layer of glass that protects the screen. And the main question in this case is why the company did it? Of course, in this case, there is no deception, since the Z Flip does use a very thin layer of glass, but the company still hides the fact that the glass is covered with a plastic film that is still easy to deform.

JerryRigEverything tested another new feature of the phone – small fluff that protects the hinge from dust and sand. In practice, they may have helped, but very little, because after the sand, when folding, the phone emits light sounds that usually occur when there is sand and dust between two metal objects.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip doesn't have glass screen protectors. Almost

The Galaxy Z Flip 'ultra-thin glass' is a regular plastic.  Or is it not?

Galaxy Z Flip got plastic, not glass

Why is Samsung cheating bad? The fact is that consumers can really assume that the device uses glass on the outside of the display protection, this may be followed by a careless attitude to the smartphone screen, tapping on it with nails and other sharp objects, but what a surprise the owners of such devices will be when they will notice slight dimples on the screen. Funny, isn't it?

That is why the company should immediately inform its users that they should not take information about glass in the Z Flip seriously. By the way, when you turn it on for the first time, the phone warns the owner not to press hard on the screen, but even a slight point pressure with a pencil on soft plastic can deform it. In addition, you can see that in the camera area the screen has a small dimple, however, as well as the fold.

How much does the Galaxy Z Flip cost?

For the phone you will be asked for 120 thousand rubles. Having paid such a sum and having listened before that the consultants' stories about the revolutionary safety glass, you will be glad to read this material, right? Usually you expect this kind of marketing from Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, but when even Samsung gets down to it, it's certainly not very cool. And it seems to me that the Koreans need to explain themselves.

It would be interesting to know your opinion on this matter. How do you feel about the fact that Samsung has decided to hide the plastic screen protector in the Z Flip from its consumers? Share your opinion in the comments, and also read our news in Telegram.

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