The date of the presentation of the new Google Pixel has been officially confirmed. What will they show us?

As the saying goes, don't look for patterns among accidents. Samsung announced yesterday that it will have a presentation soon. On the same day, similar information leaked from Xiaomi, however, it was at the level of rumors. And third among those who announced the presentation on Monday was Google. As a result, they stood out from each other, showing that they can too, and at the same time promoted themselves on the eve of a big presentation Apple, which can bring the world a new one iPhone and / or other gadgets. But, as I said, we will not look for intentional coincidences, but simply discuss what will be shown to us. This time let's talk about Google. We have already discussed the rest, and iPhone will leave to colleagues with Apple

Google Slide

At the presentation, I will finally show us the Google Pixel 5, which we talked about so much.

Google September Presentation

On Monday evening (Moscow time), Google sent out invitations to the press for its new event. This gadgets event will take place on September 30, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. ET (2:00 p.m. ET).

We have been waiting for this event for a long time and we roughly understand what will be shown there. We will most likely see at least two new Google Pixel smartphones. They should be Google Pixel 4a 5G and Google Pixel 5. In addition, the application does not ambiguously hint at the emergence of a new speaker and even a streaming device.

Google Slide

Google Presentation Invitation.

Naturally, the novelty event will be fully interactive. As in previous years, Google will likely be streaming the event live to the general public so you can watch the company unveil its new products. Here I want to add iconic products, because this is exactly what Google Pixel smartphones have become in the past few years, despite the fact that they are not very actively sold. In terms of sales, Google barely ranks among the top ten companies with the largest sales in the world.

What Google will show at the presentation

As we already know, the appearance of the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 at the event is pretty much confirmed. This has been repeatedly said not only by the authors of leaks and insiders, but even by representatives of Google itself. But what is really there … Even the date slipped almost in official documents.

The 'new Chromecast' mentioned in the invitation is most likely not a Chromecast as we know it. Most likely, it is a Android TV based device codenamed Sabrina. This device should compete with streamers from brands like Roku and Amazon.

The 'last smart column' mentioned in the invitation is likely to be a Google Home update. The original smart speaker was released several years ago and has long been in need of an update. However, this time, the device must be released under the Nest brand to meet the requirements of the Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Mini and other similar products.

Most likely, pre-orders for new items in the United States and, possibly, in a number of other countries will begin to be accepted on the day of the presentation – September 30. Typically, Google does just that, starting to accept applications for devices on launch day.

Google 2016

In 2016, Google showed a lot of things. What will happen this time?

Google Pixel sales statistics

Sales are unlikely to be crazy. Most likely, they will again be limited to the territory of the United States, Canada and a number of other countries. Although, I would like the company to start entering international markets more actively. Her smartphones turn out to be very good, but you just can't come to the store and buy them. Instead, you have to turn to the services of “gray” sellers and overpay them. Or, as a second option, you can look for a delivery service that you can trust and order the gadget like this.

You can be sure that if a company optimizes its supply around the world, the demand for its products will be much higher than it is now. Although, of course, you need to understand that Google is far from stupid people and they perfectly understand how to do business and how to make money. If they don't release smartphones to all mass markets, then they have a reason. And, most likely, they go much deeper than what slips in the statements to the press.

Even taking into account that the gadget business is not the main one for the company and brings literally a couple of billions a year, which, against the background of tens of billions from a search engine, does not seem to be such a large amount, money is not superfluous for anyone. In the end, the promotion of smartphones in itself is capable of further promoting the search engine. Although, for this, Google has a whole army of other smartphones on Android, whose users rarely use the built-in browsers, preferring Google Chrome. It turns out that everything is so banal and the company's gadgets are really not needed? Someday we will know the answer to this question.

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